July 24, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny, with torrential rain several times in the day.

This morning didn’t start well. I had planned to get up a little early so I could take my shower before 9 am. The second sound I heard this morning (after my alarm) was the bell for the bath. F was planning to take a bath this morning. Huh? I wasn’t impressed. We had a few words when I got up and I ended up taking my shower around 9 am. I came out of the bathroom and watched the news. F made himself some rice with our new microwave rice cooker. I had bought bagels for our breakfast. It’s just a never ending cycle of getting in each other’s way on Saturday morning. Gah. At 9:55 he decides to take said bath or shower. My dental appointment was at 10:30. I do not understand this guy of mine. Unbelievably we made it to the dentist at 10:27 so he wasn’t in as much trouble as he should have been!

All that was done today was I had my teeth brushed again and this time I got a fluoride treatment. I complained that I am having a big problem with food getting stuck under the bridge and not being able to get it out for hours. It can be really annoying. The dentist did advise me more about brushing and told me that some things will improve. I have to go back next month.

We had a lovely lunch in Capri, a little restaurant near my school. We really can only go there on Saturday’s for lunch when one of my students can’t come. I had carbonara, F had pizza. It was nice.

I was dropped off at my school around 2:30 and I got to work. I did a bit of vacuuming, and then putting away of dishes. That kind of thing. I had the AC going trying to cool it down.

My classes today went well. We finished up a text in one class and started a new unit in another one.

After class I did my puzzle, finished a newspaper and then called F. He picked me up and we went to a drugstore to get some shampoo for ourselves, then to GEO to get a rental card for me. That was easy! No passport, no credit card. They looked at my Gaijin Card, but didn’t copy it. Woot. I rented a couple of Jane Austen movies. I’m finally going to try and work on my Austen column. No idea how many other films I’ll be able to find.

After we left the rental place, F asked about dinner. He first suggested a Japanese fish place but I said no. I wasn’t in the mood. Then he suggested a yakitoria and that sounded much better to me. We went there and it was nice. The man that runs the shop is too busy to spend his time asking F questions about me (unlike the soba place F loves) and we didn’t have to sit on the floor. So not in the mood for that.

We had yakitori and then came home. At 11 I watched the new and not really improved 90210. The plot thickens…or sickens? Around 1 I watched House which was more of a touchy-feely one where he wasn’t his usual jerk self, so I didn’t like it as much!

Hubby went off to bed ages ago and I should get myself to sleep soon too. We have no plans for tomorrow, except I finally got him to at least consider taking a holiday this year. No idea where we’ll go, if anywhere, but little steps…

Talk to you tomorrow night. Later!

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