July 3, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny, a few showers in the afternoon.

A good day. I got up this morning and checked for news. There wasn't any, so I made the bed and showered. F came home from the doctor while I was drying off.

We went out for brunch to our usual Gusto and then I was dropped off at work. I had to run to get ready this morning and I actually didn't quite make it. I was washing my hands when my student arrived. Oops. Still, we had a really good lesson. My student is able to write good sentences, but I'm working on getting her to add in more description. She's not really sure why at this stage of the game. Maybe I can persuade her after a bit.

After class, they left and I saw F was outside waiting for me. I turned off the AC and a few other pieces of equipment, grabbed my bag and left. We went to my dentist's office. We made it in time, but strangely, I didn't really see my dentist. They wanted to check my bridge. I'm not completely happy with the way it's sitting. I'm not sure what I should expect realistically. It doesn't hurt, but I often feel that something is sticking to it. Anyway, the dentist's assistant or whomever she was checked my bite and said it was mostly okay, then asked if she could clean my teeth. Okay, whatever. So she did. However, she hit a sore spot on the top of my mouth with the toothbrush and I kind of freaked out. It was very painful. I've had it for a couple of days and I can't eat really hot food or really acidic food. She stopped at that point, put some antiseptic stuff on it and then sent me away! I get to go back in a couple more weeks. I think they're hoping I'll just get used to my bridge.

F took me out for coffee and a sweet at Mr. Donut and then I asked to be dropped off back at my school. I still had things to do before my next class.

I planned a couple of classes, did some paperwork and then read the newspaper from yesterday and today. I also had a couple of mugs of tea too. Yum.

My last class went well and I think we had a fun class. We did a lot of pronunciation and tongue twisters. The student seemed to be having a good time.

After work, I cleaned up, did dishes, prepped a couple more classes, did paperwork and then called F. He was on his way over. We went to Cocos for dinner tonight. We had a coupon for half price dessert and wanted to use that.

Cocos was busy tonight. We had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated. There were tables free, they just hadn't been cleared. F and I had almost the same thing tonight, beef hamburger. We just had different sauces and I had a salad. We had the special Tanabata mud pie and it was nice. F went to get a drink and I put my star from mud pie next to his star on his. When he came back, he didn't even notice. Grr. I had to actually point out the fact that the stars were touching!

We came home and I watched a couple of TV shows. I saw the latest 90210 to be broadcast here and later on, House. I really liked the House tonight. It was a more unusual episode, in that it was told from other people's perspectives.

AND, I also finished Cold Comfort Farm today. What a hoot. I really enjoyed it. It was old-fashioned, but also quite modern in its outlook. A wonderful little novel.

Gotta go. Have a good night.

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