July 6, 2010

Tuesday - Hot and sunny. A little cloudy but no rain in the daytime.

A good day. I’m afraid I overslept a bit this morning. Just couldn’t drag my sorry self out of bed. However, there was news, so I watched that on tape, then channel surfed and found a great little movie on WOWOW. It was called The Visitor and it was a gem. I only saw the last 3/4 of it, so I’d really like to see it again from the beginning. It was about a man who comes back to his New York apartment to find 2 people living in it. They are illegal aliens. As I missed the first part, I don’t exactly know what transpired, but the man ended up being taught how to play the African drum by one of the people. I know that the actor playing the lead, Richard Jenkins was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. He didn’t get it, but I can see why he was in that category. It was a really good film, about the realities of life in the US.

I had to wait until the film was over before I showered, so it was a bit late. I did a few other things around the apartment and then spent some time on my computer.

In the afternoon, I made my lunch a little early. I had scrambled egg in a wrap with cheese and ham, plus the leftover potato as a potato pancake. Yum. I left for work at 4 pm.

I stopped off at the drugstore and had a snoop around. I picked up a few things and then went on to my school. It was a horrid 31 degrees in there, so I got it cooled down as quickly as possible.

I vacuumed my school today, did a bit of dusting, then changed and waited for my student. And waited. 10 minutes after her lesson I called her, but didn’t get an answer. She never did come. She’s always been really good about calling when she’s busy, so I hope there’s nothing wrong. I’ll email her tomorrow.

I knew that F was supposed to work late so I didn’t call him. I did some fun things at my school like read the last 3 newspapers and do the Sunday puzzle. Finally, around 9 pm I started to get bored, so I texted him to see if he was still working.

He called me back and said he was finished. Apparently had been since 7 pm. Kind of GRRR. In the apartment I keep an updated schedule of my classes and it’s usually fine to call me when the classes are done. It’s when he calls me during or just before class that I get upset.

Anyway, he picked me up and we had a cheap and cheerful dinner at New York, New York. I had chicken and F had a rice dish.

We came home and watched the first audition episode of American Idol Season 9. I know it’s finished in the US and I don’t care! It was funny how some people had no idea how terrible they are.

So, that was my day. It was okay really. Tomorrow I’m off work again, but I have a lot of things I’d like to do. I want to redo my shelves in the kitchen and maybe wrap those darn presents to send!

Wish me luck. Talk to you tomorrow night? Later, eh!


siti the twins said...

wow... guess you have long day.well, you are so true about the American idol. some people don't really understands either their really talented or not...
okey,good luck for you and i hope may god bless you always.

Helen said...

Thanks for visiting! I'm glad there's another American Idol fan out there!

K and S said...

liking the new look!

Helen said...

Oh thanks! Around the time I hit 1000 posts I decided to change things up a bit:-)

Thanks for visiting!