July 7, 2010

Wednesday - Hot and sunny.

A good day. I got up on time. There wasn’t any news on today, but I stayed up anyway. So strange.

I watched Criminal Minds in the morning. Strangely enough, it was an episode I’d already seen before, in Canada last year. One of the not so nice ones really.

After it was over, I put on The Secret Life of Bees which was on WOWOW this afternoon. I have to say thanks to WOWOW this week because they have really been running good daytime movies. This was another good one, made more so by the presence of Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson. I had read the book a while ago, so when I heard they were making a movie of it I looked forward to it. I think Alicia Keys was in it too. I bet the set would have been quite a lot of fun between takes!

During the morning and afternoon I finally wrapped the presents for my nephew and niece. I didn’t send them yet, but I think I’ll go to the post office and buy a box for them. I’ll do that either tomorrow or Friday.

I did a bit of work too. I tried to contact my student but so far haven’t heard from her. I hope she’s okay.

After the movies and lunch I started clearing out one of our shelves in our kitchen rack. I threw out a bunch of old and quite likely yucky stuff from the shelf. F had nori in there that was so old it was turning purple. Yuck. I got the not so bad shelf done. I’ll have to try and tackle the other shelf soon. Wish me luck! Last time I did it, I presented F with a box of outdated stuff of his and he wouldn’t throw any of it out. Men.

F came home a bit before 7. He was hungry so we went out fairly quickly. We decided to have okonomiyaki but the restaurant was very crowded. We had to sit up on the counter right in front of the grill. It was fun to watch everything being made. We had 2 different types, curry and cheese and shrimp. We were halfway done when two other foreigners came in and sat beside me. They were from France. I said hello, but that’s about it.

After we ate we were going to go home, but I was thirsty and I don’t think F wanted to go home yet, so we went to McDonald’s for a drink. That’s literally all we had! After that, we grabbed a few groceries and came home.

F watched horrid Japanese TV for a bit, but since I was planning to watch American Idol for an hour and a half tonight didn’t say much. The truth though…F likes American Idol, so it’s not like I’m making him sit through anything he hates!

And that’s about it. F went to bed ages ago. He’s tired again. I’m still up, but really should get to bed as soon as possible. Tomorrow I’m back to work. I should have two classes in the evening. I hope I can do a couple of other things with myself too! Night.

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