August 21, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny. Gets a bit boring!

Turned out to be an okay day.

This morning wasn’t great though. I got up and discovered that F had just taken a shower and was doing laundry. It was annoying because I was the person who really needed to take a shower. I stopped the washing while I was in the shower. The heat and steam from his shower was nearly overwhelming. We had a few words and he left for a bit, but did come back.

We went to Gusto for brunch and then F dropped me off at my school. I got set up quickly and my student came when it was time. We had a good lesson. She learns so quickly. When the class was over, we opened the door only to find her mother was asleep on the floor! Usually she wakes ups before we came out, but today she didn’t.

I did a whirlwind of turning things off or down and then grabbed my purse and went outside. F wasn’t there! But, then I saw him coming down the street. Hurray. He picked me up and we zoomed over to the dentist’s office. My visit wasn’t too bad today, except they did another brushing of my teeth. Ack. I cannot express how annoying it is to get my husband and me on a Saturday, my busiest work day, into the dentist’s office only to get my teeth brushed by the hygienist. The dentist did examine me and she asked me to come back in November. I told her that food is still getting stuck in my teeth, but not much can be done about it.

We left the clinic and then returned our DVDs. Then, I suggested going to Mosburgers for a drink. We went and had coffee milkshakes. They were nice, but not strong enough. Then, I asked F to take me back to my school.

At the school I did the dishes, my paperwork for my lessons, then read the newspaper. After that it was time to get ready for my classes. Both students came and they went fairly well.

After classes I did a very very quick finish up and called F. He came for me and we zoomed over to the Machida-Kinema. We bought our tickets, and then saw a friend of ours in the lobby. We went over and said hello, then ran off to have dinner. The restaurant there is in the chain that our favourite Tonkatsu shop belongs to. F had ramen (of course it wasn’t real ramen!) and I had a pork and veggie stir-fry. It was good and quite different from the last one I had as the vegetables had changed.

F paid for the meal and I went and paid for the popcorn and drinks. We went into the theatre and saw The A-Team. I hardly ever got to watch The A-Team when it was on as we only had two channels and it wasn’t shown on either of them. However, the movie was quite fun. We both enjoyed it and I howled a few times at some of Sharlto Copley’s jokes. One in particular was very unexpected, but so funny. We both enjoyed the movie a lot. I can see it having a sequel or two made. It wasn’t a particularly intelligent film, but it was quite amusing.

We left the theatre and came home. At home we relaxed for a bit. F made us drinks and I watched the new 90210. Later on I watched House. It was an odd one to be honest.

And that’s my day. It started with arguments, but ended rather nicely. Talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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Rachel said...

Nice to hear everything worked out in the end!