August 24, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny and hot.

A good day. I went to bed early last night, early for me that is. It was before 2:30. Yay me.

I got up at a good time this morning too and showered fairly early. I watched a Zac Efron movie, 17 Again and found it to be quite cute. It was no Twilight, thankfully! I did my computer stuff and then had my brunch at 1:00ish. Today I had my usual omelette plus a few mushrooms leftover from yesterday. Yum.

I headed off to school on time and got there shortly. It was so hot out. Riding on the road was nasty as the heat just seemed to be reflecting back at me.

I got my school cooled down and set up for the day. When my student’s time came, she wasn’t there. She ended up being 10 minutes late, which is later than usual for her. We had an okay class, but she tends to stay a little longer than I’d like. It’s almost like she wants to get the 10 minutes back from me. I don’t give extra time when students are late unless my schedule allows it and the reason was good. Hmm. I did suggest to her that we bump her lesson by 5 minutes in the future so that she doesn’t miss too much, but she said she’d rather not do that.

I had a long break in the middle and I had originally planned to go out shopping, but changed my mind and stayed in. It was hot and I had a lot of paperwork things to do. I drank tea, I read newspapers and I relaxed for a bit.

My later student showed up on time and we had a good class. We went over a speech she is writing and I made comments to try and improve it. At one point she wrote about “a group of elkes” so I had to correct her spelling. I also suggested she change group to herd. We started getting a little off topic by talking about the collective names for animals, so I have to do a bit of research for her for next class. I love it when students get interested in new topics.

After class I cleaned up, did paperwork and prepped a little. I called F just before I did dishes and then he came and picked me up.

We went to Fireball tonight and had a very nice dinner. I ordered a set dinner with chicken and eggplant spaghetti in a tomato cream sauce that was very tasty, and F ordered pizza with shrimp, avocado and barbecue sauce. It was okay, but I wouldn’t have ordered it.

We came home and settled in for some American Idol. It was rather good tonight. We got two hours of it and I enjoyed it a lot. F actually stayed up and watched it all. I also re-started a crochet project that I had stopped months ago, and got farther this time than I did before. I’m thinking it might make a nice Christmas present. Might!

And that’s about it for me. It’s late again, but I don’t work tomorrow so I’m not too worried. I do have a few banking errands to run so I had better do them. Got to go. Night!

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