August 26, 2010

Thursday - Hot and sunny. Humid too.

I just had a quick gander at last year’s report for today and I said that the nights were getting chilly and I was putting blankets on the bed again. This year…even the towelkets are getting pushed off in the middle of the night. With the windows open in our apartment it is oppressively hot and humid. Do not like it at all.

Last night before I went to bed, I tried to tape Sense and Sensibility. I had seen it before, but a long time ago and I wanted to re-watch it before I write a review on it. However, when I set the VCR last night, I goofed. I mixed up the AM and PM kanji on my remote and didn’t tape it. The dumbest thing though is that I was up anyway and didn’t think to check it. Argh. (Insert swear word of choice instead.)

This morning I got up mostly on time and got up too. I couldn’t watch news, but watched bits of a very weird Marianne Faithful movie (Did she make any other kind?) Basically she was getting married to one man, but carrying on with another. I think the other man gave her a motorcycle (but not a helmet…really loves her eh?) and whenever she rode the motorcycle she got very sexually excited, if you catch my drift. And then, at the end of the film she…well, she wasn’t watching where she was going while riding a motorcycle at high speed unfortunately. So bizarre!

Did a few things in the apartment today, and even took a nap for a few minutes. It was less than an hour and I felt pretty decent when I woke up, so that was good.

I made my lunch and then headed off to my school. It was hot there. Yuck. I started the AC and reviewed things. Got changed and taught my lessons. Things went fairly well, except my first student won’t be around for a few weeks as he has a school activity he has to do. I’ll actually miss him. The kid that was a real challenge for me has now become someone I look forward to seeing every week.

My other two classes went well, except I had to talk to the mother of the second student and we only had a few minutes before my 3rd class started. I didn’t quite get everything done before the 3 student came but luckily, my last student is very easy going.

After school I did paperwork and called F. Tonight we dined at Cocos and it was pretty good. I had jambalaya and barbecue chicken. It was quite spicy, but not overly so for me. The barbecued chicken was really kara-age so I’m not sure why they call it barbecued, but that’s life in Japan.

We came home via the grocery store where we bought a few things for dinner tomorrow. I even managed to snag a bunch of celery for 100 yen. Occasionally they’ve started to have more north American style celery. I’m not a big fan of it, but thought it might be nice to have it raw with some dips over dinner. F was okay with that idea as long as I don’t chop it into little pieces. I wouldn’t dream of it dear!

We got home at midnight and just vegged for a while. F went to bed and I’m still here, but I think I’ll be going to bed soon.

I don’t have any big plans tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll get started on my column and maybe go out for coffee or a tea? I’m not sure. Wish me luck on that! Got to go. Night!

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