August 31, 2010

Twas Tuesday, and darn hot and sunny. Again.

A good day. I woke up all sweaty and yucky again. I think it’s getting hotter instead of cooler. Usually this time of year it is a shade cooler than this…I put my pillow in the room with the dehumidifier this morning to try to dry it out.

There was news on! I was so excited. I watched it, and then after a little bit of computer stuff, took my shower. After I turned on the AC because it was too hot and too sticky for me.

I had an uneventful morning really. I did get quite tired a little before I had to start getting ready for work, so I had a naplet on the couch. No big deal. I made my omelette and then headed off to work.

My school was 35 degrees inside today. Ack. I decided to try putting up one of the panels that I bought for winter to keep the cold out. I put it next to the window, not even taped or anything and it immediately seemed a degree or two cooler. Yay. I left it there too!

I had two classes today with 3 hours between them. I did consider going shopping in the middle time, but decided to do some work instead. I prepped 2 classes, did lots of paperwork and did my bookkeeping up till last week, so it was productive time. I also read most of one paper.

After school I cleaned up a bit, read another newspaper and then called F to come and get me.

We had a nice dinner in New York, New York and then bought a few groceries. F actually made a request for a dish for dinner tomorrow so we got the ingredients. I’m going to try it for him. And, I think I’m going to make some soup in my crockpot. Hope that goes well!

We came home and watched American Idol. Tonight was the Top Twelve and the category was The Rolling Stones. Most people did well. I enjoyed the show, but only one or two people were really good. F went to bed near the end.

That’s my day. Tomorrow I’m not sure how much computer time I’ll have as I’ll be cooking up a storm and hopefully going out for a bit of a break in the afternoon. Night.

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