September 11, 2010

Saturday - Rainy all day.

Today was a good day. I was very nervous as the last two Saturdays have tanked for me, but today was okay. I woke up to find F watching Back to the Future on telly. Good for him. He actually got off the TV long enough to let me see if there was news. There wasn’t, so we continued with Back to the Future.

I showered and then made us some breakfast while The Rock was on. Dumb movie, but Sean is so watchable.

We had lunch in Grado. The food was good, the service less so. We got soaked going out to the car, and then the rain slowed down five minutes later. Sigh. Hubby is such a “Go! Go! Go!” guy that he can’t wait five minutes to see what the weather will do.

After a brief trip to the drugstore for essentials, I got F to drop me at my school. He had planned to take his mother out to do a bit of shopping. I went to my school, cooled it down a bit…no sun but it was still too warm for me…and then read the newspapers for a while. I checked my student’s class and did a little craft work too. Yay.

My student came and we had a fun lesson. There was one point though when I realised that I’m not so with it any more. One of the text’s questions that we had to discuss was, “ How many cd’s do you own?” She’s a teenager, so I thought she’d probably have a few. Her answer was zero. She has an iPod and uses the iTunes store for her music! Oh my! What a difference from me. I have probably 200 or so? I have one cd rack completely full and another half full. Interesting!

After work I finished up, washed some dishes and checked my first class on Tuesday. It should be okay. I called F and he picked me up. He chose a Chinese restaurant tonight. I really didn’t want to go there, but didn’t have any idea where I did want to go, so let him. He had noodles and I had some pork-onion stir-fry thing and fried rice. I shared mine, he didn’t.

After dinner, we made a brief stop at home and then went to karaoke for a few hours. It was fun and we both sang a lot of songs. I tried to do a few that my Mum would have liked, seeing as how today would have been her birthday.

And that’s about it. We came home, I watched House and then F went to bed. It’s really late now and I should get some sleep soon too. Night!

For the other event that happened on September 11, here is my blog post from that day. I was on my way to Tsuruoka the next day in preparation for getting married on the 16th. Until I saw the TV at the restaurant, my biggest worry was a threatening typhoon. I was worried I wouldn't be able to fly to Tsuruoka. I was keeping my upcoming nuptials a secret at my company's request.

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