September 2, 2010

Thursday - Hot and sunny. Again.

Woke up early this morning for me, got up and stayed up. Woot. I watched the news and then did my usual computer stuff. I showered and then turned on the AC. It is so hot and humid these days. I can hardly believe it. I’m used to one or even two weeks with no breaks in the weather, but it’s been over a week since it rained for an hour or so, and I can’t even remember the last time that it rained most of the day.

I had a fairly quiet day at home today. I had a couple of English muffins early on for breakfast. Nice. There was no TV on for hours as one station had baseball, and one station had tennis. I’m not a fan of either. When something else came on it was CSI Miami, so not even a good CSI show.

I left for work around 5:10 or so. My pumped up bike was much easier to ride today. I stopped at the drugstore to buy a few things and picked up a couple of pens. The weird thing was when I went through the checkout, they only charged me for one of them. I think they were training a new girl and I don’t think she rang it in properly. I tried to look at my receipt after I paid, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I’m not terribly fast at reading katakana anyway. At the school I checked off the things I bought from the receipt and there was one thing not listed. It was only a 200 yen pen, but I feel a bit odd. And, since I checked the receipt in front of the cashiers, they probably think I think they ripped me off, rather than vice versa!

My school was so hot tonight. It was over 35 degrees in there. I started up the AC and the fan and cooled it down rather quickly.

I had two classes tonight and I think they went rather well. In my second class the student and I were talking about being over 40 and men and women and how we often talk about bodies going downhill after 40. I taught her the expression “muffin top” as well! It was really interesting and I was almost sad to start the real part of the lesson.

After work, I finished up fairly fast and asked F to pick me up. We had a nice dinner in Moku-Moku. I had their cold pasta again and it was crunchy. I like that. F had their curry plate. We did a lot of talking over dinner and enjoyed ourselves.

We visited MaxValu after dinner for a few groceries. I’m going to do dinner again tomorrow night. Hopefully it’ll work out well!

We came home and had a bit of a snuggle and then F went to bed. He’s quite tired today.

That’s about it for me. It was a good day, but I have a few things I need to get done fairly soon. Wish me luck with that! Night.


siti the twins said...

in Malaysia, it's also hot and sunny. my mom almost explode..

Helen said...

Oh, my goodness....It's just that it usually is a lot cooler now, but it has been really hot all year.