September 20, 2010

Monday - Cooler but rainy and humid.

An okay day. I slept in late today and just after I got up, F came back. He’d gone back to his mother’s and had taken her shopping and to his father’s grave. Sweet guy.

After our showers and a bit of news on the TV, we went for lunch. Today we tried the Grand El Son and had a nice lunch. I had Shonai Pork with spicy apple sauce, F had Italian Curry. I’m not sure how Italian curry is, but they decorated his plate to look like the Italian flag!

We ran around a bit after lunch trying to find folding umbrellas, since the weather report for HK wasn’t good. We couldn’t find any good ones, so we chucked it and went home.

I swept the apartment lobby as I’m not going to be here for a while and then came in the apartment. I was sweating. It was so humid out there. Bleck.

We both worked on packing. I’m mostly done. I need to put my toiletries case in my suitcase as I’ll need some of the stuff tomorrow morning. My suitcase isn’t crammed full, so I’m rather happy with myself.

We went out again at 7-ish and went to the drugstore. We found some better made folding umbrellas so I bought us a couple. Then we went on for dinner. Tonight it was courtesy of New York, New York. We both had grilled chicken, F with rice, me with salad. It was nice. The menu has changed a little and we saw the nice waitress that used to work for M’s Dining tonight. She hasn’t been there in a while.

We stopped by my school briefly so I could pick up flyers and make sure there were no problems. Everything looked fine, so we came home. We both did more packing. I got my backpack packed up for the plane. I never know how much to take and what to leave behind. Probably should leave more than I do!

Had a quiet night really. We didn’t even turn on the TV, although I did turn on the AC because I was sweating a lot.

So, I’ll be gone from tomorrow until Saturday if all goes well. If it doesn’t I’ll probably be back in a couple of days! Don’t miss me too much….and take care. Night!

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