September 4, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny.

Oh dear, so not a good day. I got up this morning, showered and then waited for F to get his act together before he took me to the doctor. Of course, he was angry at me because I didn’t want to go before 9 am. he was swearing that it would take hours of waiting and in fact when we pulled up outside the office and took the last parking space, even asked me if we could come back next week.

We were in and out in under an hour. In that time I had an X-ray, EKG, blood test and a couple of consultations with the doctor, so I’m not sure what on earth F was on about.

We had lunch at a buffet restaurant in a local spa. They use all local ingredients and it’s not too bad a place to go. We came home, F heads for bed. I work on my computer for a while and then decide to take a nap. I go and lie down, F gets up and lies on the couch. Hmm. I sleep for a while and then I get up at 4 pm. I asked if he would drive me to work, he said he was waiting for me. I laughed at that because he so obviously wasn’t waiting for me. Lying on the couch, feet in the air, playing with his cellphone isn’t waiting for me.

Anyway, he decided that he wouldn’t drive me to work and left again.

So, I got on my bike and biked over to my school. Can’t believe I fell for his crap again. I’m so over this baloney.

I had a nice evening over at my school. I taught my lesson and spent a bit of time relaxing at the school. I guess you could say that I didn’t really want to leave.

I left my school a bit after 9 and came home. He was in the shower when I arrived and when he finished, he went to bed. Good riddance to him.

So that was my day. The doctor didn’t find anything wrong with me, but how could he in 3 minutes.

Anyway, I’ve got a grumpy old man around for the next two days and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it. Wish me luck. Night.

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mama penguin said...

Maybe you should slip F a Midol. ;)