September 5, 2010

Sunday - Hot and sunny, with a nice cool breeze.

Today didn’t start well. I got up and was moderately rude to F so he left. I don’t know why he does that. It’s much better to stay and fight!

Anyway, I sent him an apology on his cellphone, which he didn’t read. While he was gone, I had brunch and then prepared to go out and sweep the lobby of the building. (It’s our month to do it.)

He came back and I mentioned my c-mail, then he took a bath and went to bed. I went out and did my cleaning and then came back in and talked to him. It was a good thing to do as it did clear the air and we both felt better afterwards.

We went to Kintaro Sushi as F was hungry. I had a bit of sushi too and it was nice. After that, we headed for Mikawa Mall to buy socks. Last time I went shopping there I found a cute pair of socks that were big enough for my feet and I wanted to get more. They didn’t have them. They did have some that go up to 25 cm, so I’ll try them. They should fit, but who knows. F got socks too. He bought some in Jusco and some in Uniqlo so he will be well socked over the next few weeks.

We hacked around the mall a bit. We had a Java Kula in Seattle’s Best, then visited the bookstore and the dvd shop. I found a used dvd of The Importance of Being Earnest, so I bought that.

We were on our way back to Tsuruoka when F noticed a plane about to land at the airport. He saw that it had bent up wings and wanted to investigate. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that F loves planes. He does, he really does. We parked in the park near the airport and walked over to see what kind of plane it was. I still couldn’t tell you to be honest, but F was impressed. We went up to the observation deck and watched while it unloaded and then reloaded. We even watched while it took off again. It was rather cool and I took lots of photos. The view was beautiful and it was lovely to see F so into something. He doesn’t get excited often.
The Plane, the plane!

At the airport, looking away from the runway. I liked the textures.

The sunset from the Observation Deck

We drove back into Tsuruoka and stopped in a shop with larger sizes. They don’t really have that many large size things, at least not in my size, but they have a few. Some of the quality is poor or the design is lacking. For example, I tried on a shirt that had really long arms, much longer than mine. I figured out that there was a hole in each arm to put my thumb through. What the heck? Is that so I don’t have to wear gloves? Just a pain to eat anything or do anything important in. I did get a top on the bargain rack, so we’ll see how that goes. I think I can wear it for work once or twice.

We had dinner at a yakiniku place downtown. It wasn’t really my choice as it specialises in organ meat, but they did have other kinds of meat too (Thank goodness.) F told me they would when he suggested it and said if there wasn’t anything I wanted to eat we could go somewhere else afterwards. It was fine actually. We had some chicken, a salad, some beef and some pork. F had his “innards” and I didn’t so I was happy.

We came home via the grocery store and have had a quiet evening at home ever since. He was watching wrestling, but it has now finished.

It’s late and I should get to bed soon, so I’m going to end this. I really didn’t have any hope for this day when I got up, but it was good after all.

Tomorrow we’ll run a few errands as F has the day off. Wish me luck for tomorrow! Night.


mama penguin said...

According to the hubster, the airplane is a Boeing 737-800. I hope that helps.

Helen said...

Actually I think that's what F said yesterday. I'm plane illiterate though and couldn't care less what it is! He told me and it went in one ear and out the other.

But, thanks for the info! :-)