October 15, 2010

Friday - Rainy and warm, clearing at times.

An interesting day.  I got up this morning on time and watched the news.  I pondered going out but the weather wasn’t very good. It was quite wet outside. I decided to wait for a bit and see what happened.  

I had a nap and then had my soup (soup is better two days later you know). I did the dishes and decided it was now or never.  I walked to the train station and caught the express train to Sakata.

In Sakata, I took a cab over to the immigration office and had my visa and my re-entry permit transferred over to my new passport. It wasn’t too difficult.  The guy who helped me was very nice and checked over everything with me.  I left the office and went on my way back to Marine 5.  I went to the big department store, but passed through a couple of banks on the way. It drizzled a little while I was walking back, but didn’t pour.  I was glad I took my little umbrella with me though.

I hacked around the department store for a bit, but didn’t buy anything.  When my time was up, I went to the bus stop and caught a bus to Aeon Mikawa mall.  It made good time and I was there quickly.  When I stepped off the bus, I saw a double rainbow in the distance. By the time I got my camera set up to take a picture it was just a single rainbow, but worthy of a picture.

In the mall I did a bit of window shopping.  I stopped a couple of times for drinks, but basically had a great old time.  I drooled over the lovely wool in the craft department, found a pom-pom maker that I bought, got a nice shirt for myself, and did a bit of pre-Christmas store searching.  It was great.  I know that F likes to go shopping with me, it’s just that I don’t like to go shopping with him!  He follows me around like a puppy and usually has no opinion about anything I want to buy.  It’s annoying, and then he gets angry if I ask him to go and look at something else.  Anyway, I had fun by myself.  

I had just sat myself down for an iced tea when F called to tell me that he’d finish work in about 30 minutes. I told him to call me again when he finished and we’d discuss where to meet.  

We met up and had coffee at Mr. Donut, then decided to head back to Tsuruoka for him to change.  

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant tonight. We both had soba. It was good, but I wasn’t really in the mood.  We came home afterwards and watched a movie on WOWOW.  Tonight it was a rom-com with Catherine Zeta-Jones called The Rebound. It was okay. F quite liked it.  

And that’s about it.  I watched most of White Palace which is still one heck of a sexy movie.  It’s also the line that had my friend and I laughing our heads off at the line about Dustbusters.  When we saw it, I had a dustbuster and there was usually dust and dead spiders in mine. It made a great spider trap!

That’s it for me.  Today was good.  Tomorrow I’m back at work, may go out during the day to buy plane tickets though.  Gotta go. Night!


Rachel said...

You don't buy tickets online?

I've seen a lot of rainbows this year for some reason. Atmospheric conditions must be right or something.

Men and shopping, yeah - they find what they want and buy it. They do not understand wanting to check somewhere else to see if there's a better one. That's why he has no opinion on it!

Helen said...

I do buy tickets on line for my international trips, but for domestic..... My return trip is more than 2 weeks after the first one, so the system isn't set up to allow that. You know, who on earth gets to take holidays for more than 3 days? Certainly no self respecting Japanese person. (sarcasm) It's also just after the blanked out time due to the New Years holiday, so better to go to a agency I think.