October 20, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

I had an okay day, except for the last couple of hours. I got up at a good time this morning and then went back to bed as I was too darn cold to stay up.

When I got up again, I started doing laundry and then I went out. I had to go to the bank to pay my city tax. I came back, did more laundry and watched some TV. I watched last night’s Project Runway and also The Good Wife. I think I’m quite liking that one. It’s intelligent and also not the usual thing that NHK runs, so quite interesting.

F came home a bit after 7 and I started cooking dinner soon after. It wasn’t anything too fancy, coro-coro steak, a gorgeous canned mushroom dish, salad and frozen harumaki (obviously, reheated in the microwave). It was quite good though.

F did the dishes and watched some TV, then asked me if we could watch Ugly Betty from last week, so we did. He went off later to take a shower, came back and opened a beer and then his mood changed and he started snapping at me. I asked him if I’d done something to annoy him and that was about it for us for the night. He went to bed a few minutes after American Idol started.

I watched the show, enjoyed it and then watched a couple of other things on the channel before turning off the TV.

So, that was it. My day. It was quite nice until the end of it. I know F is under a lot of pressure at work these days and is not enjoying himself, but frankly I don’t know why he snapped at me and I don’t really care.


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