October 21, 2010

Thursday - Warmish and sunny. A bit of rain in the morning.

I had a good day today. It started when I went to bed. F wasn’t sleeping and he actually apologised to me. That doesn’t happen often, so I was relieved. I didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t sleep well and got up to take medicine and so I didn’t sleep a lot either.

I got up this morning and of course there was no news on. Lately it’s been nothing but baseball. I hate baseball. I had a nap and then took a shower.

In the afternoon I watched a little bit of TV and then headed off for work. Classes were good today. It was good and bad, a student will continue, and another one finished today. The one that finished gave me a couple of lovely gifts which was very sweet of her and her mother.

F picked me up around 10 and we went to Cocos. It was really quiet for a change. Not sure why! We had a nice meal and then came home. F drove over to the bike shed to unload my bike, got out of the car and opened the trunk and let out an “Oh no!” He’d forgotten to pick up my bike. Grr. He was all set to go and pick it up, but it was 11 pm and I probably wouldn’t need it in the morning anyway.

F has half a day off tomorrow, so we’re going to go away for the weekend. My Saturday classes have cancelled due to school festivals, so it’s a shopping trip for us. I just hope it goes well.

Back on Sunday night…don’t miss me too much. Night!

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mama penguin said...

What? F actually apologized? Somewhere in this world there is an angel doing the funky chicken dance. LOL. Have a great weekend.