October 27, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny, but cool.

An okay day today. I got up on time and even watched the news. Then, I fell asleep on the couch for a bit before waking up and having breakfast. I took my medicine after breakfast and got on my computer for a bit.

Later on I watched some taped TV and then showered. I had lunch and took medicine.

F came home around 6:30 tonight and a little while later we went out for dinner. He wanted ramen (quelle surprise) and I didn’t. We decided to go to a Japanese style restaurant tonight. He could have ramen and I could have something else. We went there and I really wish we didn’t! The portions were huge. I had a fried chicken dinner and I ended up giving some of the chicken to F, I just couldn’t eat anymore. I realised halfway through that it didn’t have a lot of taste either.

After dinner, we stopped off in GEO to look for a DVD which they didn’t have and then did a bit of grocery shopping. I did tell F that I’m not cooking dinner tomorrow night. I’ll be back to work and I’ll be a little late.

We had a good night in. We watched a bit of a movie on NHK before turning over to watch American Idol. Next week we’ll have the 2 hour season finale. It should be good. I know who wins, but I want to see the whole show.

And that’s about it. I had another quiet day. I am feeling better, but I still have pain in my side. It’s hard to get up from sitting down or even worse from lying down without hurting myself more. Hope this goes soon. Later eh! Night.

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