October 29, 2010

Friday - Sunny and clear. Warmish.

A good day. I got up on time but there wasn’t any news on. Sigh. I watched a bit of TV, did computer stuff and had a quiet day at home. I didn’t do anything exciting, unless you count vacuuming!

When F came home he was a bit tired. We spent time together and then walked to Grado for dinner. F wanted to have a beer so we wouldn’t be able to drive. It was a nice night for a walk, so we enjoyed ourselves. I had carbonara and F had a few odd dishes that we shared.

We walked home and watched Drag Me to Hell which was on WOWOW tonight. It was quite scary and rather intelligent in a way.

I’ve just spent the last few minutes watching a podcast from the CBC with Jann Arden. She’s so funny. I’m going to go and watch something else now, so I’ll wish you adieu. Night!

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