November 18, 2010

Thursday - Clear and sunny, rainy at night.

Odd, odd day.

I got up early today, before my alarm went off even. I never do that. I got up, watched the news live and then did some computer work before taking my shower.

I spent a lot of the day reading email from some irate people. There has been a big kerfuffle on my women’s group and unfortunately I can’t keep out of it as I’m a moderator. I can’t really talk about it here, but I feel quite stressed about it. And even worse, I’m training a person as a moderator on the group and SHE ended up taking the brunt of the trouble at first. Sigh.

I went off to work around 4 today. Got stopped by the security guard working outside the demolition site next to my apartment building. I think he was just trying to be friendly. I think! He asked me if I was a teacher. Ummm, yeah. What’s it to ya?

My class tonight was good. The student finally managed to spell thirty correctly on his quiz at the start of class. Later on, I asked him his age and he told me he was thirty. However, he corrected himself and laughed about it. He’s thirteen! He’s starting to get it. Hurray!!!

I didn’t actually have a second class today, but I didn’t tell F that. I just wanted to have some time in my school where I could do some work or even relax without worrying him. I did use the time to do some planning and then decorating, so it wasn’t in vain.

I called F a little earlier than my usual time and he came to get me. I brought along a bag of newspapers I had found in my closet, so we went to Grado for dinner. It was nice. We both had the daily meat meal, which was local pork and chicken fricassee. It was rather nice. We were even given a small dessert tonight for free as a thank you for the newspapers. Yay!

We bought some groceries. I suggested having nabe tomorrow night. It’s getting colder and we’ll be out for the next few nights, so wanted a meal at home. We bought a curry base for it too. I was hoping for a cheese base, but the store didn’t have any.

At home we watched ER. It was a good one, a flashback one, so they had Jerry, Dr. Romano (with TWO arms) and Mark Green in it! Dr. Weaver made a quick appearance too. Yay for old characters!

And that’s about that for my day. This group problem is likely to continue for a bit, so I’ll just have to keep my chin up and hope everything ends well. Night.


JY said...

Don't you just hate those squabbles? Hope it is nothing serious and something that can be smoothed over quickly. But on the other hand, in hindsight, most of the squabbles are pretty much over nothing! Either way, being a moderator in this must be a lot of pressure big time.... Good vibes to you!
Oh and nabe... I make that quite a bit during the winter much so that hubs will say "again?" LOL

Helen said...

It is quite a serious thing, sad to say.

And usually F makes the Nabe here, but I am not a fan of his soup base, so thought we'd try a different taste. I like things with flavours! But, nabe is easy to do and not much clean up so I'm happy about that!

Thanks for visiting. I just signed up to follow your blog..very interesting!

JY said...

Thank you very much... I noticed that. It's nice to meet fellow foreigners living here in Japan...from all walks of life!
I'm impressed that you blog every day... I've been trying to do better on mine...

Helen said...

It's just become a habit to blog every day. Some days I wish it wasn't!

Orchid64 said...

Being pulled into such squabbles is always a lose-lose proposition. They do appear to happen a lot though, particularly in women's groups in my experience (or between women). I can't say why that might be, but I think that there is a lot of personalizing of statements that aren't meant to be personal, and, a lot of insecurity that is unintentionally being tapped into.

Good luck with the mess!

Helen said...

Thanks Orchid! It is a serious situation and I can't go into it more than I wrote above...and I may have written too much already! Really, more than a few squabbles.