November 24, 2010

Wednesday - Cloudy and cool.

An okay day. I woke up this morning when F was getting ready for work. I hardly ever do that. I said a sleepy goodbye and off he went to work.

I got up a bit late today and then watched the news, followed by a lot of taped TV. I didn’t do anything that I had thought about. Oh well.

In the afternoon I went out for a bit and got some goodies for myself at the local bakery, then went to the new cake shop near our apartment for some cake for F. He didn’t have any birthday cake yesterday. The only thing they had left was a dadacha-mame roll cake, so I got that. F likes roll cake, so it was fine.

Came home again and a little later F called to say he was coming home. When he came he wanted to eat something right away, but it was soba. I said no. He went out for something to eat and then came back.

We ended up going to the drugstore for my endless search for decent toilet paper. Had to go to two places as the first place only had scented or recycled. I don’t want either.

Dinner was in New York, New York and was fine. No big deal really. We discussed having nabe for tomorrow’s dinner but F didn’t like the fact that I didn’t want seafood. To check, I asked him what he considered seafood, and that was fine for me, but he decided not to do it.

We went to the grocery store for a few things, then came home and went back to the store again. Tonight was the last day for ordering things from their latest campaign and we’d filled in two sheets already.

Had a bit of a quiet evening , but at eleven we had coffee, cake and So You Think You Can Dance. I did a bit of my crochet afterwards. I really used the wrong hook when I started this. That, and my tension is too tight I think. Hope I can finish it soon.

F went to bed after the dance show, but I watched That 70’s Show before turning off the TV. I’ll likely go to bed soon as I’m a bit tired tonight.

That’s it for me. Night!


jy said...

I dont care much for soba. It appears for lunch here at the nursing home where I work sometimes...I eat it then. I like udon much better if given the choice!

Helen said...

Noodles are my husband's favourite, but I can't stand them anymore! Soba's okay, but I certainly don't want to eat it everyday. F wants to eat it every day...drives me crazy !

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