November 4, 2010

Thursday - Rainy and also clear and gorgeous. Very changeable.

Had an okay day today. I got up on time and stayed up. It was touch and go for a while, I really wanted to take a nap, but didn’t. Yay me. After I took my shower I was fine.

I found myself watching Star Trek, the newish movie and enjoyed it again. Quite fun.

Brunch was some of the leftover cauliflower cheese reheated, plus an omelette. Oh boy, was the cauliflower good! Maybe better than the first night? I was worried about leaving for work as when I started to prepare my food it was raining hard outside, but when I left, it was gorgeous out!

The bicycle ride to my school was great today. It was lovely and warm, and sunny too. Yay.

At school I changed, got the place heated up and the water on for tea. My first student and I had a good class, and so did the second student and I. So, yay for that too.

After I finished my paperwork tonight I called F and asked him to come and pick me up. He did. I got a bit housebound and met him outside. He put my bike in the trunk and we went over to Cocos Ichibanya, the curry restaurant. We both had very nice curry. I had the super mild stuff again, with the minimum of rice, F had it normal style.

We came home via the grocery store and got stuff for dinner tomorrow night. It’ll be pork, likely garlic pork and salad, with some veggies too.

We watched ER and it was the Halloween episode. Ray came back and him and Neela were thisclose to doing something, but…Well, I can’t say can I? Of course in the middle of it, F wanted to know what had happened to Ray and why he wasn’t on anymore. Gah! Ask me after the scene, not in the middle of the scene when I’m trying to pay attention.

And that’s about it for my day. F went to bed a bit earlier and I’m really going to try and have an early night. I don’t get enough sleep these days and that is a bad thing.

Oh, I may not update tomorrow night, more from a point of trying to get more sleep than I’m going somewhere. Don’t worry if I don’t blog tomorrow. Got to go. Night!

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