November 5, 2010

Friday- Guy Fawkes Day!!! - Cloudy, but mostly clear. Coolish.

Today started weirdly. I went to bed early last night but didn’t sleep that well. F got up quite early today and when I made a trip to the washroom at 6:30 the first thing he said to me wasn’t, “Good Morning” or “hello” or anything nice, it was, “ I need you to give me your pension number.” It was 6:30, I was half asleep and not in the mood. When I came back to the living room, I asked him to repeat his request, which he did. It made more sense and I was able to find the info for him, but honestly. He could have asked me the night before…When I was awake!

I went back to bed for a bit. My lower back has been hurting the last day or so, and with my sore chest bed is just not comfy. I took a couple of Bufferin and tried to sleep again. F left a bit after that, I got up for about an hour, but went back to bed, turned off my alarms and slept.

When I got up, I did my computer stuff that needed doing and then took a break while I wrapped my sister’s birthday presents. I finally got them done, and then had a quick brunch. I went off to the post office just a bit before 5 and mailed off the stuff.

I came home and started working on dinner. I pressed 3 garlic cloves, mixed them with soy sauce and put them on the pork I bought last night. I put them back in the fridge to marinate.

When F came home, he found me watching Tuesday’s The Good Wife and he immediately started eating some rice and fish eggs. It made me quite mad. He didn’t even change his clothes from work first.

Anyway, I cooked soon afterwards and we had dinner. It was nice. We’d got a couple of packets of prepped veggies for microwaving, not frozen ones, so had them with the very garlicky pork and a salad. Dinner was quite good, even if I say that myself. F did the dishes tonight, then had a lie down on the couch while he watched the news in Japanese. Then, he went to bed and told me he’d see me in the morning. He still doesn’t get the concept of wishing me a goodnight.

I was miffed that he’d go to bed so early, I know he’s tired, but I’ve hardly seen him at all. I watched a couple of episodes of Brisco County Junior and that was fun for me! Yay.

There is absolutely nothing on TV right now…can’t believe it.

I have a couple of classes tomorrow and a big gap in the middle. I’m hoping to use my time to do things like write a few Christmas Cards or maybe design my Christmas newsletter if I make one this year. I might not as I’ll be going to Canada this year. Hmm.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Night!

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