November 6, 2010

Saturday - Cloudy and rainy, quite changeable.

An okay day today. I got up this morning and F was watching TV in the living room, so I made him switch over to let me watch the news before I took my shower. Yay.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy before going out for brunch. I wasn’t sure that F was going to come out with me as he still hadn’t gotten dressed at 10:50.

We had a decent brunch at Gusto, then F dropped me off at my school and I got busy. I set up the water pot, the heater and got changed quickly. I also set up my computer at the school to play a track for my student’s quiz.

My first class went really well. I’m constantly amazed at how well the student is doing. We had fun, but she worked hard too.

After she left, I got busy. I did my paperwork, planned for two classes for the next month or so, and then read the newspapers. I followed that up with the writing of two Christmas cards and the watching of two episodes of The Big Bang Theory, which really cracked me up.

My second and last class was good too. I talked to the student about the next text I’d like her to use and we had a fun class today. We were doing the “have you ever” type of questions and they were rather fun. As she’s rather young it didn’t seem completely fair for her, but I think she enjoyed herself.

After classes I had some other things to do. I finished my paperwork, then worked on a craft project I’m doing. I also washed dishes. There weren’t many today.

F phoned me at 8 pm and then picked me up. He suggested his soba shop for dinner today and since I’d told him that I’d go tonight, we went there. However, can I just say that today my husband had ramen for breakfast, udon for lunch and then soba for dinner. Do you understand why I call him Ramen Boy? Maybe I should change it to Noodle Man but he’d likely take it as a compliment!

We came home and relaxed for a while. Hub watched the end of Airport 77 and the some crappy TV and a baseball game, but it didn’t bother me too much. At midnight I made him turn over to Top Gear and we both enjoyed the show. He’s getting into my British show. Yay.
At 1:00 I watched a new for us show, Burn Notice. Bruce Campbell has a part in the show, so it may become part of my viewing lineup. I think they’re replacing House for a while.

And, really, that’s it. I got quite a bit of work done today and I relaxed a bit too. I think F got a bit of R&R too, so that was good for him. Tomorrow? I don’t know yet. Come back and find out what happens. Night!

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