December 1, 2010

Wednesday - Clear and sunny. Gorgeous day.

I got up this morning and watched the news. The difference this morning was that I had to scoot F over to his side of the couch!

After the news, I did a few things this morning. I watched the third part of the Africa documentary, wrote 4 Christmas Cards and then sealed them all. I showered too.

F was a bit, well, like himself. Started asking for food before 12 (I rarely eat in the morning these days.) He said he’d go out and run some errands, I said to go ahead, then he decided to wait for me! Did he have ramen at home? Of course he did!

I got ready and then we got busy. I went to the post office first and mailed off the cards and the Book Mooch. Yay. Then, we went to the camera shop where F picked up his Hong Kong pictures and we looked over the cameras. Despite me being totally in love with the look of the Pentax I-10 (It looks like an old style camera & comes in silver, white or black), I did some research on the net and decided another one would be better for me. So, I have persuaded F to buy me an Optio W-90 for Christmas. It’s a little more rough and tumble too, even has a carabiner strap…oh and it’s waterproof too. Not that I take photos underwater, but I could! He’s ordered it and hopefully it will arrive soon. (Did I mention this is my Christmas Present? I’m thinking my birthday AND next anniversary present too!)

We had a nice lunch in a restaurant near city hall then F wanted to run his errands. I asked to be left in the mall for a bit, which was fine with him.

I did a bit of shopping. I got a few more things for my trip, a few things for my school, and a few things for me! After 2 hours I was surprised F hadn’t come back for me, so I had a tea in Doutors and texted him. He had just had a massage so he came to get me.

We came home after a brief grocery shop and spent a couple of hours vegging before going out for dinner.

Tonight we went to a new yakiniku restaurant. Tonight was their first night and all was not that well. The food was good, let me say that, but it was the smokiest yakiniku I’ve ever been in. They had windows open but really bad in there. The waitstaff was okay, but not great. We will probably wait a couple of months before we go again to let them work the kinks out first.

We came home via the gas station and grocery store and had a quiet evening at home. We watched So You Think You Can Dance and had a nice relaxing time.

F is off to his Bonnenkai tomorrow night, so I have to get myself to and from work, and have dinner along the way too. I’m looking forward to a little bit of me time, but I’ll miss the crazy guy. I hope he has a good time.

That’s it from me. Night!


jy said...

Looks like it worked out well in the end!

Helen said...

It always surprises me when it does!