December 11, 2010

Saturday - Clear in the morning, torrential rain in the afternoon, hail at night.

A good day. I got up this morning, watched news and then took a shower. I was planning to cook my brunch when F called to say he was finished work and was coming home. Yay!

He came home much earlier than he expected he would and so we went to Gusto for brunch. After that, he dropped me off at my school.

My first class was great as usual and my student and I had fun. After her class though, I got really busy! I washed all the towels in the school and while they were in the machine, I washed the dishes. I did paperwork, I set up the calendar for next year for the door, I worked on my Journal entry, read the newspaper, drank some tea, prepped a couple of classes for next year and even got a phone call from a student.

My last class went well and we finished the year on a good note. After her class, I quickly did up paperwork and then I called F. He was on his way to my school. Argh. I wanted him to come and get me, but I had a few things to do first. He has a tendency to do that, just show up and not wait. He even tries to get into the apartment without knocking. I keep it locked when I’m alone silly man!

We drove over to the theatre, bought our tickets and then had dinner at the restaurant in the theatre building. They had taken off my favourite dish-a stirfry- so I had carbonara instead. It was okay. F had curry.

I bought the popcorn and drinks and then we went in to see our movie. I had been looking forward to seeing Robin Hood for ages, but it wasn’t very good. I’m afraid I was rather bewildered by the whole thing. I liked the cast, but they threw in a whole bunch of things that didn’t belong. It wasn’t even that much fun. So, a big disappointment for me.

After the movie we came home via the grocery store and watched Top Gear. Tonight there was a race from London to Oslo by car and ferry. It was rather fun.

And that was it. My day. I stayed up far too late doing internet stuff and blogging, but no matter. Tomorrow I don’t have too many plans. I just have to get my suitcase packed so I can send it to the airport. Got to go. Night.


jy said...

Wow so the big day is almost here! The worst is getting to the airport... That is a trip in itself! After that it's just sitting on the plane. A whole month of nonblogs??!! How boring it will be. Look forward to hearing your adventures when you get back, unless you're able to get online while there...

Helen said...

Thursday is the day I leave. I'm hoping to be able to blog occasionally from my sister's, but I might have to share the computer, unlike here!

So, stay tuned, you never know what might happen!