December 13, 2010

Monday - Rainy.

An okay day. I overslept a bit this morning but I really didn’t care that much. I got up, watched the news and an Italian cooking show that I watch but would rarely ever try the recipes, and the watched my weekend’s TV programmes. I had a good morning.

Later on in the day I wrote another Christmas card, printed out some pictures for Canada and ran off to the post office. I sent the Christmas cards, but couldn’t send the nengajo. He said it was too early. Hmm. Really?

I came home, detouring through a convenience store for some food. Once home, I vacuumed and then went back to my printing. I also started working on my column for the Journal.

In other words I was rather busy!

When F came home we went to the supermarket and bought a few things for dinner. We had our dessert planned, but not our main course. F bought tempura and I got some roast beef. We came home again and while he took a nap I set the table and got dinner set up. I made some wasabi-mayo and sliced some bread for our dessert. I beat a few eggs in the process too. When I called F through, we had roast beef on crackers with wasabi mayo, salad and F had some tempura. I’m trying to stay away from really greasy food like tempura, so I passed on it. Dinner was nice, but afterwards I was a bit full, so waited a little before cooking dessert.

Dessert was French Toast. Rather a lot of French toast, but it was good. F did the dishes, which was nice of him as I know he wasn’t feeling too great. This weather and time of year are hard on his back. Poor guy.

In the evening, F watched skating and I wrote more of my column. I put it aside at 11 and watched Hell’s Kitchen and started my latest crochet project. It’s going very fast, but I think I have to get more yarn. I probably didn’t buy enough. I hope I can get the same dye lot. I’ll know more tomorrow, as I’ll likely crochet through So You Think You Can Dance.

I came back to my computer and have been here ever since. Whew! I feel like I had a busy day.

Tomorrow I’m back at work. I have two evening classes then I’m done teaching for the year. I can’t believe this time has passed so quickly.

Talk to you tomorrow, most likely. Night!

Oh, PS...My last entry got spammed by the people at Uniqlo because I mentioned them. Guess what? I didn't approve their comment. Let's see if it happens again because I mentioned them again!


jy said...

I like french toast...that's something I haven't had in awhile... my mother used to to deep fry the bread (almost like tempura) and put lots of powdered sugar and sometimes maple syrup on it. Delish!
Uniqlo must be desperate...results will be interesting to see. Uniqlo has gotten to be a pretty big franchise..compared to when it started out x number of years ago!

Helen said...

I used some nice whole wheat bread for my French deep frying or powdered sugar here though. I used blueberry syrup. Yum.

And the Uniqlo comment looked like a regular comment, but it had a link back to their British website!