December 2, 2010

Thursday - Warmish and sunny. Lovely day.

I got up to an empty apartment this morning. I got up, watched news, and got on with my day. I watched a lot of my taped TV and enjoyed it.

I had a quiet but enjoyable time at home today. I did a lot of paperwork for my trip…2 weeks today. Ack.

I left for work on time and got to the school. I set up the heater, hot water and got ready for work. I had a good couple of lessons.

F called me from his hotel room after I had finished. He sounded a little lonely. We chatted for a few minutes and then he rang off.

I biked off to Gusto, where I had an okay dinner and then came home.

I watched ER, then the rest of Sense and Sensibility from the other day. I followed that up with the last hour or so of Glory which was on TV. Wow.

I’ve been reading email and blogs for the last little while. I wrote some email too. I’ve had a pretty good day so far, but I think it’s time to get some sleep. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow night most likely. Night!


siti the twins said...

i like ER too! and i watch grey's anatomy too.

Helen said...

I watch Grey's as well! ER is great, but it's finishing soon. Sigh. (In the US it's already finished.)

Thanks for visiting.

jy said...

I like the CSI Series.... though I don't like David Carusso on Miami... he needs better lines...or acting lessons...or something.

Helen said...

A commenter a long time ago called CSI:Miami---The Orange Show and I have called it that ever since! I think of all the CSI shows it is the worst!

David Caruso....Used to love him on NYPD Blue but on this he's just a bit much!

Thanks for visiting.