December 22, 2010

Wednesday - Cold and clear

A busy day. I went to bed last night and watched TV. I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later with the TV and the lights on. Sigh. I ended up watching the end of Criminal Minds before going to sleep with the TV off!

In the morning I got up a bit late and had breakfast. We had a quiet morning. I did some wrapping of gifts and after lunch, Van and the kids and I drove into the city. We went to a couple of stores where I got a few things. In Mark's Work Wearhouse, I got some socks for me and something for F. Then, we went to a Zellers and Kate and I went shopping while Van and Zach did grocery shopping. I got a few unmentionables, Kate was a bit bored, but I was glad to have her around.

We drove back to Beaumont and then relaxed for a while. After Joe came home, he took us all out for dinner to Boston Pizza. It was nice! I had an interesting meal. It was bacon chipotle pasta. Really it was just souped up macaroni, but it was good. They gave me too much as well, and I didn't finish it.

When we came home, I went downstairs to wrap presents. After a while the kids came downstairs to do their mother's gifts, so we had a fun time. Zach got a bit overtired and was acting up towards the end, but it was still nice to have them with me for a change.

After they left, I finished more of my wrapping and then started crocheting again. I hope I can get this thing done! I'm so tired of it and I want to finish. I ripped a lot of it down today as it was wrong. I'm working on it again though and am close to where I was.

I watched a made for TV movie on the telly and sort of enjoyed it. It was a made in Canada one, but okay for the season. I'll probably go to bed fairly soon.

Gotta go. Night!


jy said...

Sounds like you're settling in! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, both here and in Canada!

Helen said...

Thank you! And to you and yours too. :-)