December 23, 2010

Thursday - Clear and sunny? (I didn't go out.)

A weird day.

I got up this morning and realized that my throat was really sore. I went into the bathroom and the room was spinning around me. Yikes. I ended up going back to bed for a while. Van gave me some medicine and I took it. It made me sleepy so I went to bed and slept for hours!

I got up in the afternoon and helped Van prepare for her visitors. It was nice.

I came downstairs and did a bit of crocheting. Today I managed to finish one of my crochet projects and then I started another. It is going quite well.

I went downstairs before the visitors came and did my project. I came up for a while and had some pizza with the guests before begging off. They had 3 children and mixed with Van's kids were rather noisy.

I spent the rest of the evening downstairs. I enjoyed watching The Princess Bride again, and now I'm working on my last pre-Christmas project and watching Nanny McPhee. Colin Firth and Emma Thompson. What a combo!

Anyway, I really should get some sleep soon. I am a bit tired and tomorrow might be a long day. I really hope I'm not sick tomorrow. Sigh. Night!


jy said...

Really DO take care! It's easiest to get sick during travel, you're battling jet lag, different climates, etc...

Helen said...

I know! And the fact that my nephew is sick doesn't help either. He's almost six, so he tends to get things easily.

Still, I'm feeling better today, so hopefully I'll get over this quickly.

Thanks for commenting!