December 8, 2010

Wednesday - Rainy, but clearing later on.

An interesting and mostly fun day.

I couldn’t sleep well last night. I went to bed (late) but one nostril was completely plugged up and I just couldn’t fall asleep. I tried getting up, but really, nothing worked. I was still awake around 5:30, but did manage to finally drop off before F went to work. When my alarm went off I was surprised that I was sleeping!

I watched news and then I found Laura when I was channel surfing. It’s an old, wonderful film. I had to watch it. Brilliant stuff. This week WOWOW has been running old movies and it’s been fabulous.

After watching Project Runway and doing a bit of getting mail ready, I decided to go out. I had a circuit in mind and wanted to get to it. I rode off to the local post office and mailed off a card and a Book Mooch, then went on my way to the bank. I passed the butcher shop and saw they had a really neat Christmas window, so on the way back I stopped to take a photo of it. It was really cute (and is posted on the here). It was a life sized Santa.

On my way, I passed one of the big Tsuruoka shrines and I saw something odd. The shrine was decorated for Christmas! Well, not the shrine exactly, but the trees in the grounds were. Is that allowed? I mean, would the Shinto Gods mind? Would the Christian God?

I rode up to the post office and asked for travellers cheques. Wonder of wonders, they had them! And the lady that sold them to me was the same lady that sold me some earlier in the year and she still knew what she was doing! Unbelievable. Why is it that when I have to sign travellers cheques I completely forget how to write my name?

Anyway, I was out of there! I didn’t want to go back the way I’d come as the sidewalks were under construction and I’d have to walk in traffic, so I detoured through more construction. I hopped on my bike again and ended up in S-Mall. I visited the 100 yen shop and then went to Doutors and had a roast beef sandwich and a Royal Milk Tea. Yum. I came home afterwards as it was dark and I didn’t want to stay out late.

At home I congratulated myself on a nice trip out, posted a picture to my blog and then decided to start getting dinner prepped. Tonight was stir-fry so it needed a bit of work.

I was just going to start cutting up veggies when F came home. He went and changed into his pyjamas and turned on the bath. Sigh. I told him I wanted to go out later, so he said it would be okay.

I did a lot of prep for dinner, but it was worth it. We had a pork stirfry with tons of vegetables. There was spinach (better than I’d thought), leftover celery, mushrooms and zucchini, plus the bought prepped stuff. Dinner was good and then F did the dishes.

We decided to go out and see the decorations, so we drove off. Of course it was 9 pm when we left the apartment. The Butchers had shut for the night so there was nothing to see. We drove past the shrine and the lights were on. F asked if we should stop and take a picture so I said yes. We parked at the post office (shh, don’t tell!) and walked back. By the time we got to the shrine, the Christmas lights were off! Oh no!!! At least F got to see the decorations, even if it was only in passing.

We came home and in a little watched So You Think You Can Dance which was good, but sad. Our favourite female dancer was eliminated, and at the beginning of the show Nigel announced that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett had died. Obviously we’re not watching the most up to date season.

That’s about that. F went to bed around midnight and I’m still up. My nose is plugged up again, but not quite as bad as last night. I hope.

Got to get some sleep! Night.


jy said...

That's sad when you know the shows you're watching are about 2 seasons behind!!! Ha ha... all the CSI series are the same, probably with the exception of the Vegas one. Stir fry sounded good...

Helen said...

The stirfry was good, I have a little left over for lunch today :-)

I think CSI Vegas is a bit behind too...but I don't mind very much!

Thanks for visiting.