January 13, 2011

Thursday - Cold and a little snowy.

Last night I went to bed at 10:30 again and woke up around 7:00 this morning. I got up with F again and made tea and toasted a couple of English Muffins for us. He didn’t have time to drink all of his tea, but that was okay I think.

This morning I watched the news and then changed the channel and found myself watching Separate Tables with a fabulous cast of actors. I’d heard of the play before, but I’d never seen the film. It had Rita Hayworth, Wendy Hiller, David Niven, Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in it. A quick check of IMDb tells me that both David Niven and Wendy Hiller won Academy Awards for their roles here. Really an excellent film.

After it was over, I rewound the film I taped last night. It was a treat as well. The two main actors are both multiple Oscar winners and it was a sweet little love story. Last Chance Harvey starred Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson and was definitely worth watching. It was very enjoyable.

I made myself some lunch and then did the dishes up.

I went outside for a bit and shovelled F’s parking place. When I was done there I grabbed my handbag and went off to my school. It took about 25 minutes to walk over there. Once I was there, I shovelled the entrance from the street, and then finally my parking space. The woman who parks next to my spot had inadvertently parked just in my space so it made it hard to clear it completely.

I worked for over 2 hours trying to clear out the snow. I got a lot of it out, but finally gave up. The woman’s car was in the way and I also thought that if it was sunny tomorrow it would help melt some of the ice that I wanted out of my space.
I went into my school and waited for F to finish his work. I got busy inside the school too. I cleaned and swept, put dishes away and also folded all the clean towels and put them away. I had to put my pants in the shower at first as they had a lot of snow caked on them. After the snow melted, I tried to dry them on the heater. I didn’t really succeed though.

When F called me, I asked him to stop by the apartment and bring me some dry pants, which he did. When he arrived at my school he dropped off the pants and then went out and did more shovelling. When I went out to help, the woman had finally moved her car and was apologising for being in my space. Grr.

We came home for a few minutes where I had a quick shower and then we went out for dinner. Grado was the place tonight and it was quite good. I brought along a bunch of newspapers and after our meal we got some free dessert. Yes!

We picked up a few groceries and then came back home. We watched ER and relaxed for a bit. I am tired and quite sore all over. Sigh. I’m wondering if it is better to take my pain meds now or to wait until the morning!

Anyway, that’s it for me. It’s after midnight, in fact it’s almost 1 am so I’m up later than I’ve been able to be for a while. I’m quite tired, but not as bad as I was yesterday. I think! Got to go, good night!


JY said...

Hmmm shoveling snow...something I havent done in a LONG time, way back in my home town of Oregon. Now my bro and SIL live in San Diego...they complain that it's COLD there... bunch of wussies...LOL

Helen said...

It's not terribly cold up here in Yamagata-ken, but there tends to be a lot of snow. I have to make sure the parking space for my school is clear and sometimes that the road into my parking space is clear. I seem to be the only person at that building who cares if the roadway is clear. It's annoying.