January 22, 2011

Saturday - Cold and snowy.

Not a great day to be honest. I went to bed a bit late last night. Apparently I woke up my husband. Sigh. He proceeded over the next few hours (yes, I wrote hours) to wake me up about 3 times. When I finally protested he got out of bed and went to sleep in another room. Needless to say I didn’t have a great night.

In the morning I got up to an empty apartment. I took a shower, watched a bit of news. When F came back from his doctor he went back into the room and never made an appearance.

As I had to get to work and had no idea what was up with him, I left the apartment. I walked to work. He must have followed me or something as when I passed by the grocery store he was at the exit in his car and honked at me. I flipped him the bird and continued. (Childish, but I HATE being honked at.)

I bought my breakfast and lunch at a convenience store and then continued. At my school I got out my shovel and dump and attacked the snow at the front of my apartment building. When I went to to the back of the building I was really surprised as there wasn’t any snow. I assume that F had come by at some point and cleared off the snow.

I went into the school and sent him a text saying thanks for clearing the snow. Then I got to work.

I had a pretty standard Saturday except one of my students called to say she was ill and couldn’t come. It sounded serious.

I had to go out in the middle of the day to do a little more shovelling, but it wasn’t too bad. Just the fact that I had to go out again to do any was a pain though.

After my work I read for a bit and then called F and asked him to pick me up. He did, and suggested our favourite yakiniku place for dinner. We went there and had a good meal.

We’ve been fine this evening so far. He watched something and then I watched Top Gear followed by Burn Notice. Top Gear was hilarious as usual. I missed it when I was in Canada!

That’s about it for my day. I’m quite tired and might go to bed soon. Oh, wait, one more thing…I wore wool socks yesterday without anything under them and now my feet are incredibly itchy. I’ve been putting skin cream on them but when it wears off I just want to scratch my skin off. Ack.



JY said...

Hope ur feet get better.

Helen said...

Thanks! They feel a bit better today. Fingers crossed.

Sherry said...

with all the snow shoveling you do you must have biceps like Arnold Schwart...however it's spelled. ;) Hope your feet are better.

Helen said...

Not yet Sherry, but I'm working on them!! At the moment my thumbs are really sore...maybe I grip the shovel too hard or something?

Thanks for visiting...and, my feet are better today.