January 28, 2011

Friday - Cold with lots of snow.

I had an okay day today. I got up on time despite going to bed really late last night. I watched the news, drank some coffee and just decided to take a nap. I went off to sleep for around an hour. It left me feeling very refreshed which was a good thing.

Before I did any shovelling, I took these photos.

In the afternoon I went out and shovelled snow in our parking space and around our building. I managed to knock some of the snow off the top of the mound of snow behind F’s parking space, but it was still quite high. I got the entrance to the apartment cleaned up very well and then went inside again.

I watched a bit of CSI: New York and then after I heard from F that he was coming home, looked out the window to check the parking space. I nearly cried. It was covered over again. Ack.

I went outside again. The doorway that I had so carefully cleared of snow was under a couple of inches and while our parking space wasn’t in deep snow, it was covered again. I sorted it out again and went inside.

When I came back in I got another message from F that he was finally on his way so I got dinner started. I peeled the potatoes and set the table. Normal things.

After F arrived and we chatted for a bit, I got dinner underway. I heated the soup and started the potatoes boiling. We ate the pumpkin soup (from the store) and then I made mashed potatoes and cooked the pork. Everything came together nicely and we had a nice second course!

F did the dishes and then we went out to my school. We had just gone over the little bridge near our apartment when we saw a car blocking the road. It was trying to get into a garage but wasn’t able to. He went over to help, which was really nice of him. After a few minutes the people managed to get the car in the garage and off the road. We continued on our way.

When we arrived at the school it was quite obvious that no one else had come out of the parking lot for a couple of hours. The entryway was still really narrow and there were about 5 inches of snow in my space. Sigh. I walked over to my apartment. Along the walkway there was a lot of snow. Quite a lot to be honest. I set the heater and then came back out to meet F.

We drove back home and decided what to do. We’re going to fax one of my students tomorrow and discuss things like parking with her mother.

I think tomorrow I’ll be going to my school a little early and I’ll try to clear the front steps and the walkway to my school. I’ll have to decide about the parking space. Right now I’m not sure if my students will be able to come into it or not.

Anyway, at home tonight we watched last night’s ER. It was interesting to see as John Carter came back.

That’s about it for me for tonight. Tomorrow night, if I don’t get lost in the snow, I’ll tell you all about my day. Night!


JY said...

Blasted stuff that snow!

I like CSI New YOrk, what episode was it? I don't like the fact that in the US, Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) left the show and a new lead actress is in her place. I guess I'm not good at change! LOL

Helen said...

Yep, the snow is brutal!

The CSI was in the season just after Danny was shot. They're looking for the compass killer, Flack was invited to his late girlfriend's family's house, but didn't go. It's one of the New In Japan ones I think.