February 17, 2011

Thursday - Clear and sunny, warmish.

A good day really. My early day at home was quiet, which is just how I like it.

As I got ready to leave for work, the doorbell rang and I didn’t answer it. Why? I wasn’t expecting anyone and I didn’t know the people who were at the door. F thinks that people at the door are a command performance, you have to answer the door, but I don’t. Almost never. If they had a package, I might have gone, but….

I rode my bike to work and was able to ride most of the way. The only bit I couldn’t ride was on the sidewalk. It’s still ankle deep in snow that’s a combo of slurpee and gel beads for vases.

I had one class tonight and it went well. I’ve been working on getting the student’s spelling up to snuff and tonight he aced the spelling quiz. Yes! We did a bit of extra prep beforehand, but he got all the words right this week that he got wrong last week. Hurray.

After he finished his class, I did paperwork and then more paperwork. I first did my class records up, and then did my bookkeeping things from last year. I hope everything is up to date, but for some reason some things may not have gone through yet. I’m not sure why! After that I did paperwork of a different kind. I read the newspapers from the last few days. Hurray for me.

When I finished, I called F and he picked me up. We had a nice dinner in Cocos. Well, mine was nice. Hub had sashimi on rice and didn’t like it. Why doesn’t he learn not to eat that kind of thing there?

We came straight home afterwards and at 11 watched ER. It was so nice to see George Clooney and Julianna Margulies together again, and have a visit from Doctor Benton too. Wasn’t a huge fan of his, but liked the relationship he had with Carter.

Things wound down after midnight with F taking his bath and me getting the coffee ready for the morning and also getting the gomi ready for F to take out. Since last week was a holiday there was a lot! He’s got 3 bags of stuff to take out, luckily it doesn’t weigh much.

Well, that’s it for me. I had hoped to be in bed earlier today than yesterday, but I’m not sure it will happen. If I don’t post soon, then it can’t. Got to go. Night.


JY said...

Sashimi at Cocos??? Ick.. LOL

Helen said...

I know, right? He never learns. Last night he had sashimi at an actual fish restaurant and it was good....I guess he was just hoping!

You're up as late as I am! Thanks for visiting.

Sherry said...

Lol about answering the door. My husband and his family are like that too. If someone is there you have to respond. Nonsense! we have one of those video intercom things so I can see who I'm ignoring. I'm like that about the house phone too. Anyone who I want to talk to knows to either call my cell or text me a message saying answer your phone. I'm ornery like that.

Helen said...

We have the video intercom too, which is one reasons I don't open the door! I don't need to. I rarely answer my phone when it rings either. I have a phobia about phones.

I'm a tad ornery as well!