February 20, 2011

- Clear but cool

A difficult day.

I went to bed late last night and also slept in late today. I thought I deserved it! F was up and around this morning long before me, even calling to reschedule his car’s appointment. I really don’t understand why he would book it for the one day off we get together. In the morning of that day, sure, but in the afternoon? Why? He changed it to a Saturday. It’s sort of okay!

We had lunch in the Grand El Son today. That was the wedding hall we got married in and they have just finished doing a renovation. It looks quite nice in places. F and I were reminiscing about our wedding all those years ago. (Actually, it’ll be 10 this year!) I was remembering with less than happiness our wedding day. Picture if you will a short stout lady (ME) trying to follow a tall athletic Japanese guy (F) down a winding staircase. In normal circumstances I might be just able to keep up, but on our wedding day, I had on a long white dress, borrowed high heels (which I never, ever wear normally) and had a heavy bouquet in one hand and was trying to hold my dress up with the other. AHHHHHHH. The very definition of not fun. F did have the decency to look a little sheepish.

We bought some kerosene for our apartment, then F dropped me and it off and went to get some for his mother. When he came back home, he wanted to leave for the mall right away, but he couldn’t answer me when I asked what we’d do at the mall once we got there. Our movie wasn’t for two hours.

We decided to do a little shopping in Tsuruoka before heading over to the mall. We went to the drugstore and then a craft store. I didn’t buy anything there.

We went to the mall finally and I went to the craft store in the mall. I got some fray-stop and some elastic for a craft project I’m thinking of making.

We went to see Hereafter, which like most films that Clint Eastwood makes was really thoughtful. I enjoyed it a lot. I wasn’t sure how the story threads would tie together, but they did. It was also very interesting to have part of the film in French. Luckily for me, there were English subtitles on the French part, so I could understand! My schoolgirl French isn’t that great.

After the movie we bought a few groceries in the store there, then drove to Sakata and had sushi at Kappa Sushi. It was okay, not fabulous. I still enjoy eating there. I like sitting at a table rather than at a counter and I like the different kinds of sushi that they make. It isn’t as good as our local place, but the hours are better.

When we finished dinner we drove back to Tsuruoka on the highway. It’s nice driving on it, and it’s free, at least for a while. We bought a few more groceries, of the perishable type in town and then came home. We watched the last bit of Iron Man and then after midnight I watched Veronica Mars.

Anyway, today was okay, but the reason I said it was difficult was that I seemed to be annoying my husband all day. I don’t’ really think I was, just he was quite grumpy and definitely not in a mood to talk to me. I of course have no one else to talk to, so get a bit annoyed when he won’t talk to me. He also took everything I said to him in the wrong way, so I was doing damage control most of the day.

That’s it. I’m off to bed now. And about blooming time too! Night.

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JY said...

Hopefully today will be better in terms of difficulty!