March 1, 2011

Tuesday - Rainy, clearing at night.

An okay day. I overslept today, not by too much, and I didn’t have to work for hours so it didn’t really matter. I got up, watched the news and had a quiet day. I did some laundry and put some of the clean type away.

I got on my way to work a bit before 5 pm. It was raining, but not pouring. At one point when I was on a back road, I stopped at a crossing and a young cat ran out from a house and tried to visit me. I didn’t mind too much, but there was a car right behind me. The car kept going, albeit much slower than before. The cat got off the road safely, but I wasn’t impressed by the car’s driver.

I was at my school a bit early so I did some work and got ready for my class. I had a good class and after the student left I did a bit more prep and then called F.

He picked me up and brought me home. At home I got dinner underway immediately. We were having fresh pasta with salad and fried pork. It didn’t take very long to cook at all. I was rather surprised how fast it went.

Dinner was good and afterwards, F did the dishes. I got stuck in on my computer. We watched American Idol and then I watched That 70’s Show later.

That was my day basically. Tomorrow F is off work and we’re going to go and take my tax forms in and then I’m not sure what else. I have a book mooch to send out so hopefully I’ll do that. Wish me luck! Night.

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