March 24, 2011

Thursday - A mixed day of sun, rain and snow. The snow didn’t stay.

A quite good day. I slept in again this morning. Well, sort of. I got up, watched some news on TV and then went back to bed for a while. I didn’t want to turn on the heater quite yet and the news was the “handpicked for your viewing enjoyment” that NHK does sometimes. I prefer to watch all the news that I want to watch.

When I got up I worked on my computer for a bit and took my shower. I had a quiet day for the most part.

I cooked lunch and then went off to work. It cleared up before I left, but 5 minutes into my ride it started to rain and then hail a bit. Lovely. I had some bizarre experiences on the way to work though. First was a good one. A man driving a van actually let me through the crossing before he turned. Yay him. The next ones were not so nice. An idiotic woman was waiting at a corner in her vehicle, which she had conveniently stopped diagonally across the road. I couldn’t stay on my side of the road, I had to go around her on the wrong side. I had a couple of other experiences too. A man didn’t stop at a crossing that I was coming up to, I had the right of way, he had a stop sign, and then another guy passed me and then turned left immediately in front of me. ARGH! What? Am I invisible?

My class today was fine. We talked about movies and brought up some interesting vocabulary. I brought up the movie Tonari no Totoro and my student thought it was very funny. I guess he’s too old for it! We did have an earthquake in the middle of class. I noticed it first, and then he did. It lasted a minute or so. I got my phone out of the drawer and turned it on, but there wasn’t any siren, I’m glad to say.

After my student left with his mother, I did paperwork, prepped for his next class and read a lot of newspapers. I also did the dishes at the school.

I called F and he picked me up and we went to Gusto for dinner. They’re on a much smaller menu these days due to the earthquake, but we each had something good. I tried their new burger with tomato and cheese on top and it was very nice.

We came home via the grocery store where we finally bought our dishwashing liquid. Kept forgetting to buy it all the time! We’re going to have pasta for dinner tomorrow night. I have to do a bit of food prep in the afternoon though. Probably.

Had a quiet evening in too. I made a pot of tea, we watched some TV and then at 12:15 I turned the TV to NHK 2 and watched Shoot to Kill, an old movie with Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger and Kirstie Alley. It was cool seeing it again, but the best part was seeing Vancouver at the end of the film. I’ve been to some of the places that the film was shot in. How cool is that?

And that was my day. I’m winding down and getting ready for bed soon.

No idea what will happen tomorrow, a lot depends on the weather. I might go out if the weather is okay. Wish me luck! Night.

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