March 25, 2011

Friday - cloudy with a bit of rain at night.

An okay day. I got up, a little late today, but nothing like the last couple of days. I watched a bit of TV and Celebrity Apprentice from yesterday. Somebody seriously needs to talk to the Rivers women. They’re completely nuts!

My day at home was quiet, but good. I did go out for a bit around 4 pm. I went to a convenience store and then to the book store. It must have been school book buying day or something because the store had two security guards in the parking lot and three cash registers in the back of the store.

Tonight at home, I made dinner again. It was kind of a clean out your refrigerator night. I cooked a couple of things that were a bit beyond their expiry date. I’m not so happy about it, but F said it would be okay. I just hope I don’t get sick from it! We had pasta with carbonara sauce. I put some broccoli and shrimp in the sauce too. We had a nice salad with everything too.

After dinner we did a quick trip to my school to turn on the heater for tomorrow and then came home for a night in. We watched an action movie on WOWOW called From Paris With Love. I thought it was fun, but I’m sure my husband didn’t like it as much. At midnight, Twin Peaks came on again and it was so great to watch it again. I just love the show. It was so original at the time and still holds up in a lot of ways.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Tomorrow I have classes so I’ll be out most of the day. I hope that they go well and we won’t have any more earthquakes! Night.

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