March 3, 2011

Thursday - Snow, clearing and back to snow. Cold.

Woke up this morning to a cold apartment and a white world outside. I worried for a bit if I’d have to walk to work or if I’d be able to ride.

I had a busy but quiet day today. During the day I finally finished my movie column. I sent it in to the editor and breathed a sigh of relief! I also did some laundry , no big deal really.

My birthday present from my sister arrived. I opened it and it was great. I got a couple of great T-Shirts, a pair of work pants, some oatmeal, a cd and my own cookbook back. Hurray for that too.

I watched Drop Dead Diva while I made my lunch and then headed out to my school on my bike. I did have to stop and walk at times but I managed to make good time. Most of the snow was gone at my school, but I did a tiny amount of shovelling just to neaten things up.

My classes went quite well and my students came on time and behaved themselves! I had fun, I think they did too.

After my clean up and paperwork I called F to come and get me. He did and when I opened the door to let him in, I got a surprise. It was white outside. I hadn’t realised that it started snowing again. Ack.

We went to Moku-Moku for dinner tonight and didn’t have pasta! F had curry and rice, I had beef stew. It was a special and the beef was from Yonezawa. The beef was good, but there wasn’t enough of it!

After dinner I made F take me to the grocery store across the street. We got rather a lot of groceries. I’m planning to make dinner tomorrow in my slow cooker. I hope it works out!

We came home and watched what I think is the second to last ER and vegged for a while. F went to bed and I should get there soon too. Our heater isn’t working very well, so it shuts off every few minutes. Not what you want happening when the weather gets cold again. Grrr!

Well, I’m off to bed. Night.


JY said...

Happy birthday!!???

Helen said...

Thanks, but my birthday was last month! The box my sister sent was really big, so she sent it by sea and it didn't get here in time. She started calling it my "Spring" present and I think the last thing she said was "Early Christmas Present!"

So, don't didn't miss anything! Thanks for visiting again :-)