April 10, 2011

Sunday - No idea about the weather in the daytime, clear and cool at night.

A very quiet day. I got up around 11 am to an empty house. That was fine with me. Around 12 F came home and announced that he was back. I said I didn’t care. He went into the bedroom and stayed there for a few hours. That was nice.

Unfortunately, he got up later in the day and watched a lot of crap TV with the headphones on. I didn’t mind that too much as it is usually the sound I hate more than anything else.

I went out around 7 pm I think and got some food for myself at the grocery store. I came home and cooked it/heated it when appropriate. Had a nice meal. Came back to my computer corner.

He got dressed and went out for food a bit later. Came back. Ate. Watched more TV without headphones.

The great thing about this day for me was I finally finished The Girl Who Played with Fire. It was even better than the first novel. I can hardly wait to get a copy of the third novel. Why didn’t I get it when I was in Niigata last month? Silly me.

So, it has been a really quiet day here. It hasn’t been full of roses and repentance, just a lot of simmering anger towards each other, but I can manage that quite nicely for a while. I would have appreciated an apology from my husband, but I won’t hold my breath. They are few and far between.

That’s it for me for tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow night. Night!


Trisha said...

Want me to send you the last book? I just finished it and would be glad to pass it along.

Helen said...

Seriously? Would you want it back when I'm done? (I kind of want to keep the set.)

If you're on bookmooch I could mooch it from you and then you'd get points, or I could just get it COD, whichever works for you!

Trisha said...

You can keep it. I have books falling out all over the place and Hubs asked me to try to get it cleaned up a little. You can find my e-mail on my profile. Drop me a line and we can work something out.