May 13, 2012

Sunday - Cloudy

An okay day.  I slept in quite a bit today, but managed to drag myself out of bed around noon.  Hurray.  F was watching Harry Potter in the living room—in Japanese.  Argh!

He wanted to go out for a cheap lunch so I suggested Grado. It’s close by and quite nice, plus lunches are around 1000 yen.  He didn’t want to, but after a while changed his mind.  

We went to Grado and it was packed.  We waited a bit and finally got seated.  There was an new waitress there and she was having problems. I felt really sorry for her as she seemed so nervous.  Our first choice was sold out, so we both had Salmon and it was wonderful.  Yum.  It would have been my first choice otherwise, but I’d just cooked salmon a few days ago.  

After lunch, I twisted F’s arm into going to S-mall and buying something for his mother. It is Mother’s Day after all.  He bought her some flowers and a couple of cream puffs.  I stayed in the mall while he delivered the stuff.  He met me afterwards, and we came home.

We were going to watch a movie at home this afternoon, but F didn’t even ask me what I wanted to watch. He just sort of announced that he would watch The Langoliers.  I know he likes it, I enjoy it, but I just didn’t want to watch it today.  After about 15 minutes I was tired and thinking of having a nap and he asked me if I was watching it. I told him I wasn’t but he could.   He stopped the DVD and we ended up watching a couple of things we had on the DVR and hadn’t watched yet.  Firstly was The Walking Dead. I’d watched the episode on Friday before he came home, but F hadn’t seen it yet.  Then, we watched a couple of episodes of Top Gear.

We had dinner at the place of his choosing, a new restaurant near MaxValu.  It was okay.  This was the best of the three times I’ve eaten there, but to be honest, not what my stomach needed right now.  I couldn’t eat all of the food, left most of the dessert and gave some of my chicken to F.

We bought some groceries at MaxValu and came home.  Guess what F put on again….Give yourself a gold star if you said “The Langoliers”!  Ack.  Then, he took his bath during it AND went to bed on it.  What the heck??!! 

Anyway, that’s about all that I have to say for today.  Over our nice lunch we talked about bed coverings.  Apparently, I pulled F’s quilt right off him and it landed on the floor by my side of the bed last night.  I have no memory of that.  What I do remember is waking up because F rolled over and took part of my quilt with him. I tried to get it back, but I couldn’t.  I wonder who is telling the truth!Night.

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