June 17, 2012

Sunday - Rainy then clearing

A pretty good day, except…my shoulder is still sore. I have no idea what I did to it.  Bummer!

I got up a little before 12, checked my computer stuff and then F and I decided to go out and have lunch. I suggested a yakiniku place as I was interested in a bibinba.  We went to one near our place and had a good lunch.  Mine was quite nice, his was just okay.  I had bibinba and a little yakiniku, he had somen or some kind of noodle and a little yakiniku.  

We came home after lunch and after a while watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  Of course, we’ve seen it before, but it was nice to see it again. I enjoyed watching it.  

After the movie we talked about dinner.  We had two pieces of fish left over from last night, so F marinated them.  I didn’t really want to cook them that way, I wanted to make them into a salmon pie like I saw on a British cooking show, but F wasn’t convinced.  Sigh.  He suggested eating out, but finally we decided on going out to get some sandwiches from a grocery store with a good deli, and having them plus the fish.  We each got a sandwich, plus some chicken and a noodle dish from the store, as well as makings for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Yay us.  

In the evening we watched Kate and Leopold on TV and quite enjoyed it again.  I wrote a couple of post cards for Postcrossing and got a bookmooch ready to go out.  Earlier in the day during Harry Potter, I got a lot of ends darned in my blanket, so that was a good thing.  

That’s about it for me for tonight.  If the weather holds tomorrow I may get up to no good tomorrow, but if it is rainy I’ll probably just stay home but go to the post office when I have a chance.  Talk to you tomorrow and tell you what I did! Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

For some reason I like to watch Close Encounters, E.T., Totoro, or Harry Potter on rainy days. They just match the rainy mood, I guess. :-)

Helen said...

You know, I've still never made it all the way through Close Encounters! Totoro and ET I can understand....HP just matched our mood yesterday. I hope we can watch Part 2 again soon. We saw it in the theater, but I got the DVD for either Christmas or my birthday and haven't watched it yet.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

The ending of CE is the best part, especially the extended version.

Helen said...

I've never owned the DVD of Close Encounters or made plans to see it when it's on TV. I always mean to, just never get around to it! I still haven't seen a lot of the "must-sees" for critics. Some day, I'll rent a batch of movies and watch them all. Some day!