June 28, 2012

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A good day.  I overslept a bit this morning, but got up and got busy.  I had to write my column.  I’ve spent most of the day working on my column and I’m nearly done. I have to write a bit of it tomorrow, but whew!

I had a quiet day because of being busy.  It was rather nice.  

After F came home late tonight, we went out for dinner to Cafe Framboise. It was as nice as usual.  I had chicken and it was good. During dinner I got a surprise.  One of my students called me and booked a class for tomorrow afternoon.  Considering I haven’t seen her in six months, I was astonished to hear from her.

After dinner we went to Yamaya and were quite surprised.  They have completely renovated it.  Unfortunately there is now more liquor and less import food.  However, I did pick up some spaghetti and F got some things that he wanted. I was sad to see that they didn’t have any couscous or imported mayonnaise.  

We made a quick detour through my school to check for flyers and then grabbed dinner for tomorrow at the grocery store. It’s a no-cook night for me. Yay.

I took a break at 11 to watch TV and do a bit of crochet, then it was back to the computer with my column until I stopped to write my entry. I have one and a bit more movies to write about and then I’ll hopefully be done. I think I’ll have time to do that tomorrow before I go to work.  That’s the plan right now.  

I’m done. Tomorrow, I’ll update you on my progress.  Got to go.  Night!

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