June 29, 2012

Friday - hot and sunny

An okay day.

When I got up this morning I showered and then worked on my column. I got it all written and now I’m just in the tweaking stage, but am starting to worry that I’ve tweaked it too much.  It’s a delicate balance between grammatically correct and dull and boring!

F called me around 11 and offered lunch. I turned him down today as I wanted to finish the column and I had to go to work later on.  It was lovely of him to offer though.  

I had an omelette with real cheese in it today, what a treat!  F and I picked up a small block of cheese yesterday.  I keep hoping they’ll get some medium or strong cheddar in, instead of the mild that is usually on offer, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

I left for my school early and got there in a goodly amount of time. I did a quick dust and then some review.  I remembered that my student often came early, so I brushed my teeth a little earlier than usual. I had just finished when the doorbell rang. Blooming heck!  It was longer than 15 minutes before the class.  Once I figured out it was her, I asked her to please come back in a few minutes.  I had told her before not to come earlier than five minutes before class.  We figured out later that her watch was set on her work time so she thought it was later.  No harm done.  I think we had a pretty good time, and discussed a couple of older newspaper stories that I had given her.  Hopefully I’ll see her sooner than 6 months from now!

I cycled home after I cleared up.  It was still light out and a little cooler.  F was home already and happily hadn’t barred the door tonight.  

We had yakiniku for dinner and it was really nice.  F was tired so I did most of the chatting over dinner. I think at times like that he doesn’t really listen, but I just wanted to talk to him.  

We had a quiet evening, made even quieter by F going to bed before 11.  He’s still sleeping away.  

Tomorrow I have a couple of classes scheduled and then I’ll be done for the weekend.  We’re talking about maybe going to see Spiderman at Mikawa tomorrow night if I finish my classes in time.  Wish me luck with that! Night.

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