June 9, 2012

Saturday - Cloudy and rainy

A good day.  I got up on time and took an early shower.  Then, I checked email and such.  After that, I put the stew on to heat up for our brunch.  We each had a bowl of stew and it was even nicer today than yesterday.

F drove me to my school and dropped me off.  He headed home. I got ready for my class and taught it.  After my student finished, I confirmed our next class-time and then got more work done. I did a little paperwork, redecorated and read the last two newspapers.  Yay me.  

F called me later to say he was waiting outside. I’m not sure why as I hadn’t called him, but I think he missed me!  I closed up shop and went out to meet him.  We drove over to the Kokusai Mura to see if there was a festival there today.  We saw there were some people around and went in.  We were a day early.  The festival is there tomorrow.  We’re thinking of going back and checking it out.

We came home and F had a bit of a nap. He had a headache, and it lasted all day.  I feel sorry for him.  He’s not doing well with the bad weather.

After 8 we went out for dinner to KappaSushi.  It was okay tonight, and we both enjoyed it.  We try lots of different things and they can be fairly good.  I think my favourites tonight were the salmon cream gun-kan and the tataki with yuzu sauce.  Both not normal sushi, but nice.  

We came home and watched a little TV. I made some tea and at 11 I went over to the couch to do a few rows of crochet and watch the new show, Body of Proof.  I rather liked it.  After a while F went to bed and I of course am still up.  That’s about it for me though.  Tomorrow, perhaps the festival, perhaps a haircut, perhaps a couple of postcards.  Come back and see what happens. Night.

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