July 13, 2012

Friday - Cloudy, hot and humid

A very odd day.  I went to bed late because I was watching that documentary again and thought it was really interesting.  I went to be a little before 4 and despite the heat, managed to fall asleep quickly.  

My cellphone rang at 4:32am.  I woke up, found my cell and looked at who was calling. It was F.  He’d rolled over in bed and  landed on his phone, which then called me.  I probably woke him up by saying, “why are you calling me?”He apologised and went back to sleep.  I did, but it took a little longer than it did for him.

His alarm clock rang at 7:30 am.  He was already gone.  He’d forgotten to turn it off when he left early for work.  Gah.  The only good thing was that I brought the fan back into the bedroom for myself so it was cooler to sleep.

I got up, did usual morning things. It was nice.  F called me during SATC (the NERVE) and offered to take me for an early lunch.  I accepted, and then got ready to go.  He picked me up and we went to his usual place and had a nice lunch.  After he dropped me off at home.

Lunch was big, it was hot and I was tired. I took a nap.  Sue me!
After that, I did a bit of computer stuff. I wrote to a couple of ladies in my area that I don’t know anything about, to be friendly, but also to see how they are.

F came home at the usual time and after a bit we decided on a dinner place. I suggested Fireball, so that’s where we went.  We had a couple of types of pasta and they were nice.  F picked shrimp and mushrooms in a wafu-basilico sauce and I picked mozzarella, raw tomatoes and avocado in cold pasta.  The last one I picked was so good. It was amazing really. F agreed with me too.

After dinner we did a quick drugstore visit then came home.  We watched a bit of TV. I taped Torchwood when it came on, and watched Desperate Housewives.  I wrapped up the baby blanket and got it ready for F to take over to his mother’s.  It really looks quite pretty.  I should probably post some pictures of it, shouldn’t I?

A variation of Ripple Baby Blanket, a free Ravelry pattern

That’s about it for my day.  Tomorrow I believe I have an early class but I have to stay at the school for a while as there are some installations going in.  F is supposed to come over and “help” me with that.  Then,  we have a long weekend.  I’m a tad nervous about the whole thing.  Hopefully it’ll go well.  Wish us luck.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

The blanket turned out really nice. The recipient is sure to treasure it.

Helen said...

Thank you :-) I hope she will!