July 16, 2012

Monday - Hot and sunny, cloudy

A good day. I got up fairly early this morning, in time to watch SATC. I’m not sure if F thought I was crazy or not though!  I took a shower afterwards and then we thought about lunch. 

I suggested Restaurant Futaba, and that’s where we went.  They were quite busy so we sat at the counter.  Our meals were…okay.  I had boiled pork.  F told me it was probably shabu-shabu meat, but it wasn’t. It was boiled pork.  It was a little odd, but okay.  I’m not sure I’d ever have it again though.

After lunch, F had to take his mother to visit her brother, so I asked to be dropped off at the mall.  I thought he’d only be gone for a while, so I hacked around for a while, then went to Doutors and had a tea.  I finished the book I was reading, The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. I enjoyed it. I was always a fan of Mary, Queen of Scots and this novel didn’t really change my mind.  I liked the play between the three different characters, Mary, Bess and George.  Bess was the wife of George, the man who was charged with being Mary’s jailor.  He put himself into serious debt with Mary’s needs and wants.  Bess was a sensible and hardworking woman who had married 3 times, and always bettered herself along the way. Good characters living in a difficult situation. A good read. 

Anyway, since my book was done, I decided to go out and shop a little more.  Then, when it came to 2 and a half hours in the mall, I decided to walk home.  I had just decided that I couldn’t wait any longer, when I saw F coming towards me.  I don’t know why he couldn’t have phoned me.  Anyway, we had another tea and then we bought a few groceries for dinner.  

We came home and F got busy on dinner.  It was around 6:30 when he started, and it wasn’t until 8:30 that we were able to eat.  He did a lot and I really shouldn’t kvetch too much about the whole thing.  He cooked a lot of fish tempura style, grilled a couple, made miso soup (instant), and cooked some vegetables in tempura as well.  Dinner was better than I expected.  He even did the clean-up afterwards, which he didn’t have to do.  

I watched Sherlock and enjoyed it, but between the fan, the AC and the dishwashing, found it hard to hear what was going on.  It took a while before my ear acclimatised itself to the fast British speaking. 

Watched a bit more TV tonight and also did up a couple of postcards to get mailed out tomorrow.  These ones are off to places in Europe.  I hope they arrive soon.  

And that is my day.  I had a good one, surprisingly.  Yay.  F and I managed to get through the weekend without a major fight.  I’m impressed.  Got to go.  Night!

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