July 20, 2012

Friday - Windy, sunny and glorious!

Today’s weather was great.  I went out once and it was windy and the wind made everything cool.  I ran the fan for a bit in my apartment and got so cold I had to turn it off.  It wasn’t humid either.  Yay!

Anyway, back to the beginning.  I did not get up at a great time this morning, I slept in a bit and enjoyed every second of it.  I did of course watch SATC. 

I had a quiet afternoon at home, did my usual stuff.  I scanned some cards for postcrossing and then at 5 pm made a quick dash to the post office to mail them.  I’m holding one back for tomorrow because I needed to have part of it translated for me.  

F came home around 5:30 tonight.  We chatted for a minute and then I got dinner started and he took a nap.  Dinner wasn’t anything special, but it was fine.  We had chicken, a side of pasta and salad, plus some broccolini.  Everything came together nicely and we enjoyed it.  

F did the dishes and then we settled in for the evening.  Around 11 we watched Desperate Housewives and I did more darning on my blanket.  It’s easier to darn ends in right now as I don’t have to put my blanket over my lap to darn in the ends. 

Tomorrow I have a class, but after that I’m free.  I think we’ll go and book a trip that I have to take in September. F wants to do it earlier rather than later and I sort of agree.  I don’t have any idea what we’ll do for the rest of the weekend.  

That’s it for me. Got to go.  Night!  

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