July 3, 2012

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, humid

Had a good day today.

I got up this morning a little late, but it was quite luxurious not to have to feel guilty about F getting up early and going off to work.  He did have to go to Day 2 of the meeting, but I don’t know how early he had to be there!

I did my usual things today, watched SATC, checked blogs, read some sites, no big deal. I even did a bit of vacuuming.  Yay me.  

Around 3 I started to make my lunch. I had a cheese omelette and then added a couple of kabocha croquettes from the freezer to my lunch.  They were good, but I regretted them afterwards.  Since the weekend I haven’t felt much like fried food.

I rode off to my school, stopping at the drugstore on the way there.  I set up my classroom and waited for my student.  Well, sad to say, she was busy again today, so she didn’t come.  I knew that F was on his way home as he’d called me before 5 pm.  I spent a bit of time at my school. 

Around 7:30 there was no word from my husband, so I decided to just ride my bike home again.  It was a nice clear night and riding a bike just makes it feel a little cooler with the wind rushing by.  

I got home and of course, he was already home.  I had a bit of trouble parking my bike as someone had parked in my spot.  Grr.  Then, when I tried to go into our apartment, it was locked.  Ack.  

Hubs and I had a nice reunion and after he got dressed we went out for dinner.  We chose Cocos tonight and I think it was a good choice. We shared an order of quesadillas and I had a herbed chicken caesar salad.  That was all that I wanted.  The quesadillas were a little too spicy for me, but other than that, I enjoyed them.  

We bought groceries on the way home, but I’m not the one that is going to be cooking them!  F volunteered to do the cooking.  I’m not sure if we’ll have enough food, but it does sound quite nice. 

We spent the evening vegging and I wrote up 3 postcards.  I had 3 different cards arrive in the last 24 hours so this’ll keep me near my max.  Yay!  I also watched 30 Rock.  I may be the only person who hasn’t really watched this show. I like it, but usually Criminal Minds is on instead.  

Anyway, that’s it for me.  Tomorrow I may tackle that darn laundry and then who knows.  Wish me luck.  Night!


Anonymous said...

It's rawlikesushi here!
Does cocos have Mexican food??

Helen said...

I'm sure that I answered you somewhere before...sorry! Maybe it got lost?

They don't really...They have quesadillas and they have a taco salad, but it doesn't have any ground beef in it....just lettuce in a taco shell with a small scoop of guacamole and some chicken salad I think, but probably not very authentic.

Whatever it is, it is Mexican-lite for Japanese people.

Hope that helps!