July 4, 2012

Wednesday - Hot and sunny.

Had an okay day today. I got up a bit late, I was rather shocked by that, but no matter.  I had a bit of a quiet day around the apartment. I did a little laundry, I did some dishes, nothing too exciting.  

During the day, a student called and asked for a lesson for tomorrow.  It’s fine, but I’ll have to postpone my plans that I had for tomorrow.  Darn! 

I made a quick trip to the post office tonight around 5 just to mail off 3 postcards.  I finally got my first Canadian address, so I’m rather happy about that.  

F got home around 6 tonight and relaxed for a while before cooking dinner.  He did a pretty good job of it too. We had grilled salmon, atsuage, and miso soup.  It was nice.  I did the dishes afterwards.

I watched a lot of TV tonight, but I actually went over to the couch to do some crochet.  I have about 3 rows of crochet left to do. Unfortunately they’ll be three rows of crochet all around the blanket, but I think that will give it a nice finish and make it look polished.  I should probably darn in all the ends again before I do that. 

And I would say that that is that.  My day. It was quite boring, but sometimes that is rather nice!  Talk to you tomorrow night?  Bye!

PS…Happy Independence Day to my US citizen readers.

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